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You shouldn't feel isolated while studying, and now you don't have to. We here at Together We Pass have brought  students together online for the past 4 years in a community that supports and helps each other.

This social approach is so effective because the process of discussing ideas and concepts with your peers is one of the best ways of learning. This is the cornerstone of our approach.

It is our mission to enable every student to reach their full potential by means of a highly effective and affordable online social experience. So what are you waiting for - sign up today!


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What to expect in an Online Study Group

  • Never feel alone with your studies – experience studying TOGETHER with friends in your Study Group
  • All our Premium groups are moderated – you get a Subject Specialist that helps manage the conversation and answers questions, so everyone gets helped
  • Ask all your questions – hear and read what your Study Group friends have to say about those difficult topics and assignment questions
  • Access Summarised Study Notes written by our Subject Specialists
  • Participate in past paper revision with fellow students and gain access to Exam packs in the premium groups.
  • Compare and discuss your assignment answers with other students before submitting to UNISA
  • Have access to great resources such as Study Notes, past exam papers and past Assignments

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Every year TWP brings together thousands of students, all of whom share their private study resources in our resource collection. We now host the largest private collection of resources available to students anywhere – join us today to gain access to our private collection.

Assignment Comparison


This is the only tool available online that allows students to compare and discuss their assignments without fear of cheating.  Our tool provides analysis of your answer in relation to other student’s answers, where you then discuss question by question for top understanding and marks.

Past Paper Revision


Past paper revision is one of the key ways in which to check if you are ready for exams! With our exam revision tool, it is easy to subimt your answers and compare with other students, discuss question by question and make sure you are ready to ace your exams this term!

Discussion Forums


Are you stuck on a particular concept?  Post it the forum and get help from your fellow students or group tutor.  Answer other students questions - the best way to learn is to teach after all!  Join in and make your study journey that much more rewarding in the process.




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Student support

Together We Pass now offers all its student Free Sign-up Support. In other words, we will get one of our Friendly Technical Support Helpers to contact you and take you through the Study Group Sign-Up process step-by-step.

To find out more about how we will help you every step of the way when you are ready to Sign Up for your Study Group, please click HERE.

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Together We Pass has been helping students since 2008 by offering online private study groups for students. UNISA has given students a tool to help them study with their MyUNISA platform. However, students find it impersonal and difficult to use to engage their fellow students. Our solution is our personal private study groups. We help students to contact each other easily, give them great resources, help them improve their marks, make sure they are ready for exams,  and even help them work on their professional development with CV writing tips, interview skills and more. Our students are getting top marks, and students are joining our private study groups by the thousands. We hope you decide to do so too. Search our shop find out what we offer for your UNISA courses today. We offer private study groups in over 230 subjects, in BCom, LLB and more. We run online study groups in UNISA courses like Economics 1A 1501, Economics 1B 1601, Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures 1502, Financial Accounting Reporting 1601, Financial Accounting for Companies 2601, Selected accounting standards and simple group structures 2602, Management Accounting 260, and many many more. Our fees are low, we give great discounts and students are saying great things about us! So join us today and go from Lonesome to Awesome in your UNISA journey.

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