Life After Matric

Life after Matric can be simple. Whether you pass or fail, you still have options. You can study further with or without Matric. Alternatively, you can work until you know what you want to do.


  • You still have options, whether you have passed or failed Matric
  • The Matric pass level you have achieved will determine which tertiary institutions you can attend 
  • If you fail Matric, you can still further your studies, or redo your Matric. Failing is not the end of your academic journey

Passed Matric

Life after Matric can be simple or difficult depending on your mindset. If you have passed Matric, you are one step closer to your dream career.


This is a great achievement, as it is the start of your career. With a Matric Certificate, you can further your education depending on your pass rate, get more job opportunities and get a higher salary. Your career journey starts now.


What Does Each Pass Mean?

These are the 4 different passes that you can get after Matric:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Pass: This is the minimum required for university. Keep in mind that specific degrees require a certain APS (Admission Point Score). It is important to calculate it
  • Diploma Pass: You can do a diploma course 
  • Higher Certificate Pass: You can do a course that gives you a higher certificate after completion
  • National Senior Certificate Pass: This is the minimum required to pass Matric. You can apply for courses that do not require a Matric Certificate or courses that require a  National Certificate

Unhappy About Your Matric Results?

You have passed your Matric but did not achieve your desired results. You can do the following:


  1. Get a re-check
  2. Get a re-mark
  3. View your exam paper
  4. Matric Upgrade

1. Get a Re-Check Of Your Exam Papers

Exam papers will get checked for marking errors. They will check whether your marks are added up correctly. 


Your decision for a re-check should be made quickly because there are deadlines. If you do not meet these deadlines you miss your opportunity to get a re-check. 


You can get this done at your school or you can contact the Department of Education district office


2. Get a Re-Mark Of Your Exam Papers

This is when your examination will be marked again. 


3. View Your Exam Paper

You can only view your exam paper after the re-mark or re-check is done. There is a deadline and you need to apply to view your paper within seven days after the release of the re-mark or re-check. 


4. Matric Upgrade

Matric Upgrades are for matriculants who are not satisfied with their results and want to improve them. A Matric Upgrade allows you to focus only on the subjects you want to improve

Failed Matric

This is not the end of the road, you still have options after failing Matric. Your options are:


Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior Certificate (Amended)Study Matric Online and you will be able to further your studies where colleges/universities require Matric. 

Life After Matric

Adult Matric

Adult Matric is for anyone that could not complete their Matric. Getting your Matric Certificate means that you can study further.


You can study at the age of 19 but must be 21 and older to write the exams. You also need to have a grade 9 certificate.


Matric Equivalent Certificates

Achieving a Matric Certificate is important, it provides you with many job opportunities in the future. 


A Matric Equivalent Certificate is as important as it grants you access to furthering your studies and shows employers your acquired skills. A Matric Equivalent Certificate can grant you entry in some NATED courses as well as ICB courses.


Studying Without Matric

Many colleges offer courses that do not require a Matric Certificate. 

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers offers these courses. Each ICB course is considered a scarce skill


The following colleges offer courses without Matric:

  • Ember Academy
  • Matric College
  • Skills Academy
  • Bellview Institute of Distance Learning
  • The Learning Group

Whatever you decide to do next, we at Together We Pass wish you all the best!


Last updated:  11 January 2022

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