Where Can I Further My Studies Without Matric?

  • You can study without a Matric Certificate at many tertiary institutions 
  • You can start with an ICB Course and work your way up to a NATED Course
  • The Institute of Bookkeepers offers Matric Equivalent Certificates that can be much more useful than traditional Matric Certificates 
  • You will have specialised skills that will lead you straight into the workplace
  • If you have failed Matric and you are still determined to complete your Matric, you can re-check, re-mark, view, or get a Matric Upgrade at Matric College

You can further your studies without a Matric Certificate at the following institutions in South Africa:

  • Matric College
  • Skills Academy
  • Bellview Institute of Distance Learning
  • Ember Academy
  • The Décor School
  • Learning Group

What Courses Can I Study Without Matric?

At Matric College you can study with The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers or you could do a short course.

With an ICB qualification, you can gain a Matric Equivalent Certificate. A Matric Equivalent Certificate is the same educational level as a traditional Matric Certificate.

However, Matric Equivalent Certificates are more focused on perfecting your technical skills.

After you have completed an ICB qualification you can further your studies with a National Accredited Technical Education Diploma qualification.

Read below to find out more about these qualifications.

ICB Courses

ICB is a distance learning institute that offers courses in business and financial management. 

Their courses are nationally and internationally recognised and are regarded as scarce skills. Employers employ people with these qualifications because they are highly regarded. 

ICB offers 3 streams, 2 of which can be studied without a matric certificate. These include:

Further your studies without Matric and do an ICB Course.

ICB courses with together we pass

Short Courses

These types of courses focus on improving your skills and they will provide you with specific skills. 

Short Courses At Matric College

Matric College offers Short Courses. The courses are:

  • Beauty Therapy 
  • Educare and Childcare
  • Tourism and Guesthouse
  • Events and Wedding Planning 

NATED Courses

After you have completed your Matric Equivalent Certificate, your doors will open for further studies. 

National Accredited Technical Education Diploma courses provide both theoretical and practical experience.

At Matric College, you can study any of the following NATED Courses with your Matric Equivalent Certificate:

  • Business Management 
  • Financial Management 
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management Assistant
  • Marketing Management
  • Educare Courses
  • Legal Secretary Courses

Courses You Can Study Without Matric

Matric College— Accredited by FASSET, QCTO, ICB, is a distance learning institution where students can up-skill themselves towards a brighter future. Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior Certificate (Amended)Study Matric Online and you will be able to further your studies where colleges/universities require Matric. 

Matric College has the following courses to offer:

  • ICB Courses
  • Matric Courses
  • Study Without Matric
  • National Diploma Courses
  • Accredited Courses
  • Short Courses
  • Adult Matric

Determined To Complete Matric?

If you still want to complete your Matric, it is never too late. Below you will find some options:

  • Re-mark, re-check or view your exam paper
  • Repeat your Matric year
  • Register for a Matric Upgrade

Re-mark, Re-check Or View Your Exam Paper

Re-mark: Examination will be marked again. 

Re-check: Exam papers are checked for marking errors. For more information, go to your school or contact the Department of Education district office

View your exam paper: After you have remarked and rechecked your paper you will be allowed to view your paper. There is a deadline.

Repeat Your Matric Year

Do your Matric year again at another school.

Register For Matric Upgrade

Matric College offers a Matric Upgrade. With a Matric Upgrade, you can improve your Matric marks. 

You will be allowed to change your subjects to ones that are easier and subjects that give you access to a course of your choosing.

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Last Updated: 22 December 2021

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