What Is Skill Stacking?

  • When you stack skills, you see things differently because you develop a broad understanding of the acquired skills 
  • New skills will advance your career and give you more confidence Employers like to employ people who have multiple skills
  • In South Africa, many institutions provide courses that can help you achieve skill stacking
  • Doing a short course is a fast way to achieve skill stacking

Skill stacking is the concept of using multiple skills, together instead of mastering one skill. 

With a range of skills, you can branch out into many fields of study in your career. With only one skill you are limited to only being in that particular field.

There are a few things you need:

  • How does it work?
  • How can it help your career?
  • Examples of skill stacking

How Does Skill Stacking Work?

You have to use the skills you already have and add new ones to them to make them unique. If you believe that you do not have any skills, then you can learn new skills and combine them. 

The skills you choose when skill stacking should be related to one another. 

An example of bad skill stacking could be, being a pilot and singing. They are two impressive skills but they are not related to one another. 

An example of good skill stacking could be, being a comedian and singing. These two could go hand in hand. Some comedians are in musicals.

You need to combine a few skills to create one unique skill. The idea is to combine seemingly “normal skills” and then make them unique for yourself.

skill stacking

Ways Skill Stacking Can Help Your Career

Skill stacking is a powerful way to become a valuable employee. You could land your dream job or promotion. Here are some ways skill stacking can improve your career:

  • Stand out from other employees
  • Boost your confidence
  • Uniquely solve problems
  • Become a valuable employee
  • Have the ability to multitask

Examples Of Skill Stacking

Using skill stacking can help your career, no matter what industry you are in. Below you will find examples of careers and how skill stacking makes them unique.

  • Make-up artist
  • Blogging

Make-Up Artist

You could expand your clientele as a make-up artist by creating a Youtube channel.

Make-up skills: Doing a course in this field and gaining practical knowledge on how to apply makeup.

Industry knowledge: Working with clients and networking.

Presentation skills: Learn presenting skills and be able to give clients tips on how to apply makeup.

Video creation skills: Register at a college and learn how to create videos for your channel.


You need a combination of skills to become a blogger. Writing is not the only skill needed.

Marketing and business strategy: if you know your target market you can take your writing to the next level.

Design and coding: You do not want any technical errors. Do a course in the basics of design and coding.

Writing: This is the most important skill, you need to know how to write to become a blogger. Learn the basic language skills.

How Can I Gain More Skills?

You have two options if you want to gain more skills. You can either use the skills you already have and combine them to make a new unique skill or you could further your studies. 

Studying an accredited ICB course or NATED course is a quick way to gain more skills. They offer many short courses at Matric College.

Short Courses

Short courses focus on improving your skills. They are not done by a professional body and are mostly developed by a college. 

Benefits Of Short Courses

Any qualification will improve your CV. Up-skill yourself with a short course. Here are some benefits of short courses:

  • They are faster to complete
  • Indicates your willingness to learn
  • Improves your skills
  • Cheaper

Short Courses At Matric College

Matric College offers short courses and they do not require a Matric Certificate. The courses are:

NATED Courses At Matric College:

You can start your NATED course with a Matric Certificate. Specific NATED Courses can be started with a Matric Equivalent Certificate. The NATED Courses offered at Matric College are:

Last Updated: 5 January 2022

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