We know that alot of students find it hard to keep working with their groups when exams are so close.  However, we have put together a simple and effective way for you to get help with your last minute revision and check if you are on the right path for your exam.

What is Past Paper Revision?

  • Look through the past papers that students are already working through, and choose which ones you want to join
  • Add your answers exactly as you do on the Assignment Comparison Tool
  • You will whether other students agree with you
  • Start discussions via the question by question discussion tool to get students talking about difficult questions
  • Where we have a memo for an exam we will add the correct answer into the system for instant marking of your paper 

Students participating in past paper revision

How do I join Past Paper Revision?

Once you join your TWP study group you will be able to participate in all aspects of your groups.

Exam revision will be available from August, and we will move onto exam revision from September once assignments are completed.  Remember to register your subjects early as every subject allows the first five members to join for free!

Join for Past Paper Revision

Join your study group for past paper revision!

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