Everything Matric College Has To Offer

  • Matric College is a distance learning college. This means that you can work and study
  • They offer Matric programmes, Accredited Courses, and Short Courses
  • ICB offers 3 streams of study, 2 of these streams you can study without a Matric Certificate
  • You do not need Matric to study one of their Short Courses
  • With the NATED Courses, you can study with a Matric Equivalent Certificate
  • The Matric programmes are second chances for those who want to Upgrade Matric or complete Matric

Matric College offers many courses. These courses include Matric programmes. The Matric programmes include Matric Upgrades and Adult Matric

They also offer Accredited Courses, which are ICB and NATED Courses. 

There are also Short Courses to look into. These courses are a quick way to learn a skill. Below you will find more information on the many courses Matric College offers.

Matric Programmes

The name in itself suggests what is offered at Matric College. They have two Matric programmes that focus on Matric. These programmes are:

Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior Certificate (Amended)

Matric Upgrade

This programme is perfect for those who were not satisfied with their results and want to redo some of their subjects. 

Benefits Of A Matric Upgrade

  • You will get the opportunity to improve your marks
  • With your improved marks, you get better study opportunities

Entry Requirements For A Matric Upgrade

If you want to apply for a Matric Upgrade, you will need the following:

  • Your Matric results
  • Certified copy of your ID
  • You have to be 21 years of age

Adult Matric

Adult Matric is aimed at students who were unable to finish high school. After you complete Adult Matric you will receive the same certificate as someone that completed Matric in high school.

Both certificates are accredited by Umalusi, the only difference between Adult Matric and High school is the time it takes to complete.

Depending on your pass level, you can further your studies. You will have more job opportunities as many employers want to employ people who have Matric. Study Online Matric and further your studies.

This means that your salary will increase because employers pay more money to those who have more skills. 

Entry Requirements For Adult Matric 

All institutes have entry requirements. Here are the requirements for Adult Matric:

  • You can start at 19 but must be 21 or older to write the exams
  • Grade 9 certificate
matric college offers

Accredited Courses

Accredited courses are set up by official bodies These courses meet the educational and skills standards set by these bodies. 

They can be nationally or internationally recognised. Matric College offers some accredited courses that do not require Matric. 

ICB Courses

The Institute for Certified Bookkeepers provides accredited business and financial management courses , as well as some bookkeeping and accounting courses, that are recognised both nationally and internationally. 

These courses are regarded as scarce skills and are highly valued by employers. 

Some of these courses also double as a Matric Equivalent Certificate and they give you the technical skills to start your career.

ICB courses offered at Matric College with their entry requirements:

NATED Courses

These courses were designed by DHET and provided students with both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Reasons you should do NATED courses:

  • Quality education
  • Respectable income
  • Access to universities
  • Skill-focused
  • You will gain practical experience
  • Employment opportunities

Entry Requirements For NATED Courses

You can start your NATED Course with a Matric Certificate. Specific NATED Courses can be started with a Matric Equivalent Certificate

The NATED Courses offered at Matric College are:

  • Business Management Courses 
  • Educare Courses (Can only apply with a Matric Certificate)
  • Financial Management Courses
  • Human Resource Management Courses
  • Legal Secretary Courses (Can only apply with a Matric Certificate)
  • Management Assistant Courses
  • Marketing Management Courses

Short Courses

Short courses focus on improving your skills and will provide you with specific skills.

Benefits Of Short Courses

Any qualification will improve your CV. A short course can be what your career needs. You can complete them faster, it also shows your willingness to learn. 

When you do a short course it improves the skills that you already have or you could learn new skills. 

Short courses are also cheaper than accredited courses. This means you save money.

Short Courses Offered At Matric College

Matric College offers Short Courses that do not require Matric:

  • Beauty Therapy 
  • Educare and Childcare
  • Tourism and Guesthouse
  • Events and Wedding Planning

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