ICB Exams and Together We Pass

Something every modern classroom needs is collaboration. Working together towards the same goal, helping each other with the ICB Exams. This huge collection of online resources is what makes up TWP.


What is Together We Pass (TWP)?

Together We Pass offers a huge amount of online resources for distance learners and part-time students. This can act as a sort of student portal, connecting everyone together. It also serves as a platform to send information to everyone effectively. Rather than sending emails or using the postal service, they make info available digitally.


This shift to the digital world is a sign of modern technology. As the world and tech improve, the way we do certain things improve as well. The borders and lines that normally divide us, start to come down. We start interacting with each other more, helping and learning together. This co-operation can be so useful in the education environment.


How can TWP help me with ICB Exams?

The basis of TWP is online study groups. Online “classrooms” where students can come together with lecturers and share knowledge. This can be anything from confusion about the course work to answering difficult questions about the ICB Exams. There are many different things people can do when they come together in a positive way.


Helping each other, sharing what you know and learning what you don’t know. This connection brings people closer together. It is also greatly valuable when studying for exams or working through the course material. Not only can students help each other understand the work, but they can also share extra info they know.


They can help bring everyone up to a certain level. Help the entire group as a whole to do better! This online discussion also includes the lecturers, meaning there is always a professional ready to help. Bringing a distance learner into direct contact with a lecturer can be a great help to the student’s understanding of the work.


The lecturer can help guide you in the right direction. They can see if you are struggling, not understanding something or just need help in general. Their goal is to help you pass. Their passion is seeing you succeed. When everyone is rooting for you, life becomes a lot less complicated.

Also, because there are so many different people and ways of thinking, your own mind also expands. The way you think about things, your reasoning and understanding can be shared with others. When you learn a new way to approach something, to think about it differently, you might understand it easier!


What other resources does TWP have?

Besides the online study groups, there are also a LOT of other resources the TWP site offers. Anything from podcasts to study notes made by students, these resources are your best bet. When you have a great general idea of the course work, these assets can help to fill in the smaller details. They help to complete your knowledge of the material and improve your overall understanding.


The TWP site also has discussion notes, handwritten study notes from the lecturers, potential past papers and so much more! With this large amount of information at your fingertips, studying for the ICB Exams suddenly becomes much easier. You have a huge amount of info, ready to be used and shared. You have fellow students working with you towards the same goal. When someone stands with us like this, it makes the road ahead a little bit better!


The TWP program is there to help you reach your goals, all you need to do is help yourself!


Last updated: 15 April 2019