Info on Unisa May/June 2022 Examination Results

Outcome on the Unisa May/June 2022 Examination Period

The University of South Africa (Unisa) issued a statement on 11 July 2022 regarding the outcome of the May/June 2022 examination.

Over 3.1 million examinations were submitted during the Unisa May/June 2022 examination period. Read more on the specific instances that occurred during the period, including:

  • Chances for students to write their module exams again,
  • References on aegrotat examinations and irregularities on examinations,
  • When exam results will be released, and more.

A Second Chance at Writing Your Unisa May/June 2022 Exam

Undergraduate students who write a module’s exam for the first time are allowed a second automatic opportunity to rewrite their exam.

For further context, students would be able to write their exam at either their first or second examination opportunity for that module. However, students who write their module for the first time at their second chance instead of their first will not be given a second opportunity. Makes sense, right?

Additionally, students who were given a FI Concession for their module will not be able to do a supplementary exam for that module if they fail the assessment.

Students who either did not write their exams during the examination period and pass their module or were unavailable to write their exams are given an extra opportunity during the October/November 2022 examination period for a small fee.

Rules Regarding the Aegrotat Applications

Regarding aegrotat applications, only postgraduate students who missed their online examinations are allowed to apply. Furthermore, the following students can also apply for an aegrotat exam:

  • Students who were affected by loadshedding during the time of the examination
  • Students who were affected by network issues
  • Students who failed to write their exams due to illness (themselves) or death of loved ones.

Students who missed out on their exams due to the reasons above can apply for an aegrotat exam 10 days after the original date of the exam. However, since exams are completed, this option is unavailable to students considering the aegrotat exam option.

Students looking to apply for an aegrotat exam should forward all enquiries to [email protected]. Students can apply for the aegrotat examination via their myUnisa profiles. From there, navigate to the examination timetable tool in the administrative section and follow the instructions from that point onward.

Examination Irregularities and Non-Use of Unisa Invigilation Tools

Unisa have repeatedly stated that non-use of its invigilation tools would result in marks being withheld, with students receiving a ‘exam script rejected’ upon receiving their marks.

However, students who were writing their modules exam for the first time but did not use the invigilation tools struck gold via being granted another opportunity to write the exam. Students who have written a module’s exam for the second time (or more) will have to re-register for that module.

Students who feel wronged from their module’s exam outcome because of non-use of Unisa’s invigilation tool can appeal the universities’ decision here. Successful appeals will result in marks being released.

Additionally, the university maintains a zero tolerance for plagiarism and cheating during its online exams and students deemed to be cheating will have been referred to the university’s Student Disciplinary Office. All enquiries to the SDO can be forwarded to [email protected]

Issues on Examination Scripts 

Despite challenges with the myExams platform, students were instructed to submit their exams either through the platform or through the university’s contingency links. However, some students submitted their exam scripts through the invigilator app.

Students who have submitted their assignments through the invigilator app will have their exams marked through different means. Exam marks will be displayed as ‘ absent from examination’. All examination-related questions from students have to be requested via email at [email protected]

Exam scripts can sometimes be submitted as a corrupted file. Students who submitted corrupted examination scripts during the Unisa May/June 2022 exam period are allowed a second chance to rewrite their exam during the October/November 2022 examination period.

This would frustrate many students who wrote their exam only to be informed that they will have to redo the exam. The opportunity will only be available to first-time writing students with no additional chances given after a student’s second attempt. Students having to do their second attempt are required to re-register for their module.

Messages were forward to students who submitted password protected exam scripts to have them unprotected so that the markers can mark their exams. Students who failed to unprotect their exam scripts would have to re-register for their module(s).

When Will the May/June 2022 Examination Results Be Released?

Unisa have been releasing the examination results on a staggered basis, with the majority of the marks scheduled for release by 13 July 2022. Students who enquiring about their results can view their results on their myUnisa profiles and all mark release enquiries should be directed to [email protected] via their myLife email.

Students curious on how their exam scripts were marked can apply to purchase a copy of their examination scripts at [email protected].

Additionally, students who are unhappy with their exam results can have their scripts remarked by sending an application to [email protected] 

Published: 17 July 2022

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