TWP Login page gives you access to all your study groups.  Remember we have study groups for TWP Academy, Skills Academy, Home Study College, Learning Group, Decor School as well for students studying Matric, UNISA qualifications or ICB qualifications.

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      1. Good Afternoon Dylan

        I’d like to join the twp study group. I’m having difficulties with logging in. So could you please help me out my WhatsApp number are 0835128821. I have registered for child psychology at skills academy.

        1. Good afternoon

          I’d also like to join the twp study group. I’m also having difficulties with logging in . I’ve registered for Child Day Care Course at skills academy. Please help me my WhatsApp number is 062 733 7389.

      2. Yondley Solomons

        Good day Dylan, my name is Yondley Solomons. I am studying Child psychology and would like to join the together we pass study group. I have no idea how, cam you please assist me with this. My whatsapp is 061 100 2060.
        Thank you’

    1. Good Day. Which UNISA study group are you interested in joining? Visit our online shop, where you can find a multitude of UNISA BCom and LLB study groups here.

      1. Hellow, everyone i would like to join a FIN3701 study group, how to kindly help how do i join? my whatsup number: 068 142 5891

  1. Khayelihle Sithole

    Hello good learners

    I just registered on Skills Academy for Marketing management, I would like to join a group on this course for assistance please. *But I’m still waiting for first study box.

  2. Hi
    Im doing my Microsoft Certificate,I got an SKA-27P-CD my laptop doesn’t have a part where I can insert the CD.. Kindly assist

  3. Hi everyone my name is Nelson and i would like to join twp group and i have registered with skills academy for project management pls help. My whatsapp number is 0791266249/0646121028

  4. Evening everyone
    I am registered for MAC 1501 and TAX 1501 and would love to join a group so we can assist each other
    Thank you

  5. Hi everyone
    I’m Sasha. I registered for Beauty Therapy and I would love to join a group so we can assist each other.

  6. Estelle Benjamin

    Good morning.

    I have difficulties when I log into the TWP site. I am currently registered for the Comprehensive Office management course. I would like to join the study group. Can someone please assist?

    My contact details are 0734846020 for WhatsApp.

    Thanking you.

  7. emma sikhosana

    Good morning i also have difficulties to log into ICB site and am currently registered for office administration advance-level,can anyone assist please.my contact ;0636621323

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