Unisa S1 2020 Assignment and Exam Dates Extended

The University of South Africa (UNISA) released a statement on 21 February 2020 regarding the extension of the assignment and exam dates for Semester 1 of 2020.

The original closing date of the first semester registration was on 24 January. Due to a number of factors (including striking action by UNISA staff and students), the registration window was extended three times in succession to 17 February.

Because of the extension of the registration window, students raised concerns that there would not be enough time to study and complete assignments. The university has since stated that it will push back the assignment dates to a later set date in the semester.

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When are the new Unisa assignment dates?

The university issued a directive stating that each of its colleges may extend the assignment due dates of each module for Semester 1. Thus, the university issued new dates, with students able to view the new due dates on their myUnisa profile.

However, the following students are not affect by the recent assignment due date changes:

  • Students doing online modules;
  • SBL students; and
  • Students doing practical examinations.

Despite the assignment due date extension, this does not mean that students should rest on their laurels. The university urges students to complete and submit their assignments as soon as possible, despite the extension.

If the assignment dates are extended, what does that mean for the May/June exams?

Another concern raised by students was that because of the extended registration period, there is less time available for students to prepare for the exams. The university has since pushed back the start of the May/June 2020 exams from 11 May to 18 May.

The new examination timetable will be available to students via the myUnisa website on 26 February. While an extra week of study time may not seem as much to some, it’s seen as a boost to others. With the exam start time extended, the final day of the May/June 2020 exams has also extended to 29 June 2020.

This is to ensure that there is enough time for the marking of exam scripts and release of exam marks.

When does the Semester 2 2020 registration at UNISA open?

Students who were unlucky to miss out on registering for Semester 1 will have to wait until the Semester 2 registration opens. From 9 June, the Semester 2 registration at Unisa for 2020 will open for students who’ve successfully applied for a Unisa qualification as well as returning students.

Registration dates for Semester 2 at Unisa:

Undergraduate registration

  • New and current returning students: 9 June 2020 – 26 June 2020
  • Students awaiting results: 9 June 2020 – 24 July 2020

Postgraduate diplomas & Honours degrees:

  • New and current returning students (semester modules only): 9 June 2020 – 26 June 2020
  • Students awaiting results (semester modules only): 9 June 2020 – 24 July 2020

The final date for students to make an initial payment for the finalization of the registration is on 31 July 2020. Note that registration for postgraduate diplomas and honours degrees can only be submitted online.

New students who missed out on registering to study at UNISA will now have enough time to prepare themselves for Semester 2 registration. However, students will first have to apply/re-apply for their UNISA qualification before they can register for Semester 2.

Applications to study at Unisa are open all year round. When applying for a Unisa qualification, prospective students have to be made aware of the fact whether they will qualify for the qualification of their choice or not.

The type of pass students passed their Matric determines what kind of qualification students can pursue. The APS is another admission requirement set by Unisa. Students sometimes get it wrong though, that the APS is the only admission requirement needed to study at the university. Students have to be wary of not only the APS of a qualification but its admission requirements too.

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Published on 23 February 2020

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