UNISA Semester 1 Registration Aftermath

UNISA Semester 1 Registration Aftermath

The UNISA Semester 1 registration window has, after multiple extensions, finally closed for undergraduate, postgraduate, and honours students registering for the semester and year modules.

The original closing date for semester 1 registration on 24 January. However, the registration window was extended 3 times due to a number of factors, namely:

  1. The recent striking action conducted by both UNISA staff and students;
  2. The NSFAS walk-in application deadline extending to 14 February;
  3. Avoiding to disadvantage any student due to the abovementioned strike.

Unlike the previous extensions, it’s unlikely that there will be a third extension. This is to say that enough time has passed by for students to register for their qualifications (despite the striking action).

With everything in life though, there is an equal cause and effect. The cause on which the constant pushing back of the registration date affects how the rest of the semester will play out.

Longer Registration = Shorter Semester

Firstly, the longer registration window equals a shorter semester. In turn, a shorter semester equals less time to complete assignments and study for the exams in May/June.

Because of the registration date pushbacks, students who registered late will have missed assignment deadlines for some modules. Pressing pause on the 2020 curriculum though had an effect on assignments due during the registration window.

New and current students, however, do not have to worry about the assignment deadlines currently posted in the tutorial letters. Due dates for the compulsory assignments will be communicated to students in due time.

Students who registered late will also likely to receive their study materials later than usual due to the registration window. Students who cannot wait for their hard copy study materials can download their tutorial letters and study guides via myUnisa.

Exams Moved Back?

However, this is not the first time registration dates were extended at UNISA. In previous semesters, extended registration equals a later start of the exam period. An alternative option was that the university would give students a choice to write their exam on the original date or at a later scheduled date.

Unfortunately, not all students got to register to study at Unisa in time. Students who missed out on Semester 1 registration at the university will have to wait until June/July to try again for Semester 2 registration.

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Published: 18 February 2020

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4 thoughts on “UNISA Semester 1 Registration Aftermath”

  1. I applied last year for 2020 in Advanced diploma in accounting ,but I was not accepted as I still had no results.
    I want my application to be processed but the appeal option hasn’t been opened yet and I’ve been sending emails,asking for my application to be processed.

    1. Keep in mind that in order to qualify to do an Advanced Diploma, you will need at least a relevant Diploma qualification in order to study the course.

      If your application was previously rejected, you would have to wait until the opportunity to apply opens up again. Fortunately, applications are always open at UNISA so you should be able to apply to study in Semester 2.

      I cannot say when the appeal option will open again, but in the meantime, reapply for the qualification. Make sure you meet the APS and admission requirements before applying.

        1. I advise you to head to your nearest UNISA campus and enquire about why your application is taking a while to be processed.

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