UNISA Advanced Certificates 2023

Students who are looking to enhance their knowledge in the accounting and education field(s) have the chance to apply for a UNISA Advanced Certificates qualification for the 2023 academic year.

What is an Advanced Certificate?

When it comes to undergraduate qualifications there are usually 3 levels of qualifications. The lower level indicates the higher certificates, the highest level indicates the Bachelor Degrees and the middle level refers to the Diploma qualifications.

When it comes to the advanced certificates, they don’t fall under any of the above. An Advanced Certificate is a qualification that can equip you with extensive knowledge of a field that you’re currently studying.

This level of certification is specialized and can help improve your chances of landing a job (or provide more job opportunities). Like the role of a diploma qualification, advanced certificate programmes are career-focused, and will prepare you for a specific job role

Important Facts on the UNISA Advanced Certificate Programme(s)

When applying for a UNISA Advanced Certificate qualification, it’s vital to remember the following information (just in case you don’t qualify):

  • Minimum APS required is 50
  • The qualifications are 1-year qualifications;
  • The maximum time given to complete a UNISA diploma is 3 years;
  • The NQF level of a diploma offered by UNISA is NQF6;
  • Total credits for each qualification is 120 (10 modules).

Keep in mind that it is not a guaranteed entry into an advanced certificate qualification even if you do meet the requirements – although it does help if you meet the admission requirements. 

What Advanced Certificate Qualifications are Offered by UNISA?

Currently, UNISA only offers two (2) advanced qualifications on its platform through its Colleges of Education and EMS. The qualifications and its requirements are:

Advanced Certificate in Accounting Science

APS: 50

Admission Requirements:

  • A Higher Certificate in Accounting Sciences, or its equivalent; or
  • a Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Sciences or its equivalent; or
  • any NQF level 6 Diploma in Accounting or Accounting Sciences or its equivalent; or
  • any NQF level 7 degree where the admission requirements to qualify for the Advanced Diploma in Accounting Sciences, are not met.

Applicants, who do not comply with the above requirements, should consider applying for a lower level qualification for which they meet the statutory and additional requirements.

Start the application process for the qualification here.

Advanced Certificate in Intermediate Phase Mathematics and English First Additional Language Teaching

APS: 50

Admission Requirements:

  • Bachelor of Education degree; or
  • a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (or a former Higher Diploma in Education Postgraduate); or
  • a three-year Diploma in Education NQF Level 6; or
  • a Teacher’s Diploma; or
  • a National Professional Diploma in Education NQF Level 5.

Start the application process for the qualification here.

When Is It Possible to Apply for a UNISA Advanced Certificate?

Applicant who are interested in studying for a Advanced Certificate qualification for the 2023 academic year can apply from 1 September to 14 October 2022

If accepted, approved students will be able to register for their qualification from 2 January 2023. If you decide to apply for a Unisa Advanced Certificate for 2023, you have the option to either apply via:

The following documents are needed by UNISA to help complete your application: 

  • A copy of their school qualifications;
  • Copy of their ID certificate or ID and passport (if international);
  • If applicable, a copy of their marriage certificate or divorce decree;
  • A copy of their tertiary academic record(s) (if applicable);
  • Sworn translations of said documents if they are not in English or Afrikaans.

Keep in mind that UNISA reserves the right to reject student applications due to oversubscription or non-qualification of the course by the student.

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