Unisa Application Form

It is very important to make sure you fill out the UNISA Application Form correctly, otherwise UNISA might not be able to process your application successfully.

UNISA gets hundreds of thousands of applications every application period, so you need to get this 100% correct so you are not automatically disqualified.  Avoid disappointment by making sure you following our descriptions below.


UNISA Application Form
UNISA Application Form

Here are 3 different ways of completing and submitting your UNISA Application Form:


  1. Fill in the UNISA Application Form in online.  Please click here to apply online.
  2. Contact UNISA either telephonically or by writing them a letter to ask them to send you a UNISA Application form either through the post, or to your email address so that you can print it out and send it back to UNISA through the post.
  3. Please click here for the contact details of UNISA.
  4. Apply in person by going to your nearest UNISA office, and fill out your UNISA Application Form in person.
  5. Please click here for all the UNISA Regional Centres and Offices.





The 7 steps to explain the UNISA Application Process


There are 7 steps you need to follow in order to apply at UNISA, including filling in the online UNISA application form:


  1. Choose your qualification

Choose a UNISA qualification and make sure you meet the admission requirements.


  1. Fill in the UNISA application form

You must apply for admission to UNISA by filling and submitting the admission form. You can either fill in the form online or at a regional office.


  1. Submit documents to UNISA

    Have scanned copies of the following documents handy to submit online together with your application form:
  • Certified copy of your school qualifications (eg Senior Certificate)
  • Certified copy of your official tertiary academic record(s) (if applicable) (please note that internet copies will not be accepted)
  • Certified copy of your ID document (RSA students) or passport (international students)
  • Certified copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable) or divorce decree (if applicable)
  • Certified sworn translations of documents if they are not in English or Afrikaans
  • DSAR04 form and supporting documents if you are applying for exemptions


  1. Receive your student number


  • Once you have submitted your application form + supporting documents and UNISA processes your application you will receive a student number. Remember this student number as you’ll use it for my.unisa.ac.za and further communications with the university.


  1. Pay the Application fee



  1. Wait for a response from UNISA


  • UNISA will get back to you to inform you about the outcome of your application. For enquiries regarding applications etc. please contact UNISA.  Click here for the UNISA Contact information.
  •  Expect the processing of the application to take from three days to a few weeks.


  1. Once you are accepted you can then Register


Once your application is successful, it is now time to register your modules and start studying! Follow the UNISA registration tutorial in order make sure you register correctly.


Please remember:

  • First you have to APPLY at UNISA
  • Wait till you hear if you are accepted
  • You must register in the following registration period – or you lose your place and have to apply again
  • The UNISA Application process takes place more or less every 6 months.
  • This happens around 6 months before you will be able to study.  You need to fill in the UNISA application form, and follow all the steps outlined below.
  • First, check the next application dates.
  • When you are ready to apply go to this page: Apply for admission. select which type of course you want to do, and then select “start the process”.

Once you are student at UNISA remember that you can always come to back to Together We Pass to get the information and help you need to pass your studies with ease!





Last updated:  April 02, 2019

22 thoughts on “Unisa Application Form”

    1. You won’t be able to apply at the moment as applications for the 2020 academic year at UNISA is not open. It opens from 20 August.

      Read more on the 2020 UNISA Applications here.

  1. Morongwa Masemola

    Can I apply using original scanned documents or I should used copies and be certified e.g ID and Grade 12 statement of results?

    1. If you’re going to apply with a hard copy application, it’s best to make copies of what’s needed beforehand and get it certified before applying. If you’re going to apply online, then scan everything that’s needed and add it to your application.

  2. Modisakgotla Gasenakala

    I just want to know if is it okay to apply for Social Auxiliary Work with just 1 testimonial as my community dont issue testimonials?. I am really keen on this coarse

    1. You need 2 testimonials for the qualification or you will not be admitted. As the requirements says, a testimonial from perhaps someone at your church or at school (like the principal)

  3. Shai-Ann Monic Vraagom

    I have applied on the 20 August 2019 at unisa for 2020. And I received an student number. But I am still waiting on them to send me a message that they received my application. They did not come back to me yet. I also paid my registration fee and its telling me student still in application phase and application fee is already been paid.

  4. “Certified copy of your official tertiary academic record(s) (if applicable) (please note that internet copies will not be accepted)”
    “DSAR04 form and supporting documents if you are applying for exemptions”

    So I”m currently completeing my last module for my Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Sciences. I’ve already applied for a BBA and BCom in Business Informatics for 2020, I haven’t made payment yet though, I would like to apply for exemption for the modules I have completed so far.
    Should I be filling two seperate DSAR04 forms for my Bachelors two options?
    Also am I able to add in the last module I am still doing this semester?
    And do I still need to provide an official tertiary academic record if I studied my previous qualification through UNISA itself?

  5. Khomotso Comfort Mokoana

    i cant check my status it keep on saying full names does correspond with the information on the data base…can you please check my correct full names please

    1. If you’re having issues with checking your status, it’s best to head to your nearest UNISA campus and speak to a student advisor/administrator to have a look at your qualification. Additionally, you can use the Self-help options at the UNISA campus and update yourself on your application.

      Check your email regarding your application. Usually it would show the details you used to apply.

    1. You will have to wait for UNISA to get back to you regarding your application. The university has 1000s of applications to process each day, so students won’t always get immediate feedback. It’s a waiting game, as they say.

  6. Elisha Francis Phiri

    I applied last year for the undergraduate degree and was not accepted. I think I didn’t submit one important document. I want to apply again for the same program this year. Do I need to re-submit the documents that I submitted last year or just the one I failed to submit? Kindly advise

    1. You would have to submit the documents again unless stated otherwise by UNISA. When you go through the application process online, it will state whether you should upload your documents or not.

      Keep the documents you need ready and on hand just in case you need to submit them again.

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