UNISA Graduation 2020

The highlight of any student during their time at college/university is the graduation ceremony. The feeling of putting on your graduation gown and receiving your qualification in front of everyone is second-to-none.

Like many other educational institutions, UNISA hosts its own graduation ceremonies. Held biannually, the graduation ceremony brings students together from all over the country to celebrate their academic achievements.

On 22 January 2020, UNISA issued a release regarding feedback on the audit of final-year students and their qualifications. In recent days, final-year students raised concerns over a lack of feedback they’ve received regarding the completion of their qualification.

The university has since stated that it would notify students once the current auditing process of the records of all final-year students is completed. Once the auditing process is complete, the student’s qualification status will change from “final year” to “completed”.

Students will then be notified of the outcome of their qualification via SMS/Email by the Division: Graduations regarding details of the graduation ceremony. Students can also view their graduation status via the “Graduation Information” tab in their myUnisa profile.

Students who have not received word of the outcome of their qualification before 28 February have to forward an email to [email protected]. Notification of the outcome of the qualification can be found out via the myLife email account.

When and Where Will The UNISA Graduation 2020 Ceremony Take Place?”

Students who wrote in the October/November 2019 exams and have received confirmation of their qualification will be admitted to the 2020 Autumn Graduation Series.

Unfortunately, not all students will have the chance to attend the graduation ceremony. UNISA issued strict rules on what qualifications are presented during the graduation ceremony. Students invited to the graduation ceremony include:

  • Students who completed a three-year or postgraduate diploma;
  • Students who completed a degree qualification.

Students NOT invited to attend the graduation ceremony include:

  • Students who completed a postgraduate certificate;
  • Students who completed a higher certificate or a two-year diploma qualification;
  • Students who completed a short learning programme.

The graduation ceremony runs as short as 90 minutes – depending on the number of certificates issued to students on the day of graduation.

The Autumn graduation series will begin from 11 March, with ceremonies held in the following cities:

  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • Pretoria
  • Polokwane
  • Mbombela
  • Bloemfontein
  • East London

Final-year students unfortunate enough to not their qualification audited in time for the 2020 Autumn Graduation Series will receive a statement, confirming the completion of their qualification. The qualification will then be presented to students during the 2020 Spring Graduation Series.

Held from September to November, the Spring graduation series will hold their ceremonies in the following cities:

  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • Pretoria

Students will receive notification of their venue location closer to the time of graduation. Students who are graduating but have moved to a different location have to notify Division: Graduations in order to attend the graduation ceremony in the city of their choice.

Other than students who have received late confirmation of their qualification, the following will also have their graduation ceremonies moved to the 2020 Spring Graduation Series:

  • Students who received their results late as a result of writing an FI concession exam;
  • Students with outstanding/missing documentation;
  • Students with outstanding study fees;
  • Students with outstanding renewal fees for a certificate of conditional exemption certificate;
  • Students with an outstanding NSFAS contract;

How can I contact UNISA’s Division: Graduation?

Students seeking to know more about UNISA graduation for the 2020 academic year can contact UNISA’s Division: Graduation at [email protected]. Alternatively, students can also contact Division: Graduation via the following address:

Division: Graduations
Room 5-12, OR Tambo Building
Unisa Muckleneuk Campus
PO Box 392

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Published on 29 January 2020

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