Unisa Matric Rewrite

If you failed your matric then you may be feeling that you will never fulfill your dreams of studying at UNISA.  This page will give you loads of information on what to do to to get into Unisa Matric rewrite.  Once you have the right grades you can start your application process at UNISA.

Step 1:  Why Did I Fail My Matric?

If you can understand why you did not pass the first time around, then you will have a much better chance of fixing this issue so that you can pass when you do your Matric Rewrite.

Sometimes failure can be a wake up call to realise what we can lose if we do not put the hard work required to make a success of something.  Try to understand where you went wrong, and use this failure to give you the motivation to succeed next time around.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did I put too much time into my social life and not into my studies?  
  • Did I pay attention during class throughout the year?
  • Did I worry that I would silly to my friends if I studied too hard?
  • Did I study hard enough?
  • Did I not work hard enough as I thought it would be easy?
  • Did I get bored and frustrated and just gave up?
  • Where there issues in my personal life or at home that distracted me from my studies?
  • Did I understand the coursework?  Do I need extra tutoring in order to really understand what I am studying?

Write down your reasons, and keep them somewhere so that you can read them often.  Keeping them in mind will help you to keep on track in the coming year.

Now that you know where your weaknesses are you can start to think about how to do your matric rewrite.

Step 2:  Choose How to Do Your Matric Rewrite

Go Back to School

This is hard to contemplate, as going back to school means you have to repeat with the students one year younger than you.  This can feel socially embarrassing – but just remember that it is your future in your hands!

Your adult self will look back on this decision and thank everything that is good that you had the courage and self discipline to study for one more year.

Remarking of Your Exam Papers

For a small fee you can ask the department to remark your papers. Only go this route if you really think you did much better than your final mark showed.  You will not automatically get a higher mark, so only try this if you really feel it will be a benefit. You do not want to waste your time and money if this is just an off chance!

Book to Write Supplementary Exams

Supplementary exams are available to anyone if you failed less than 3 subjects. You need to apply in January of the following years, and the great news is that they are completely free.  You can find out more from the Department of Education via their website, via their email,  or give them a call on 0800 202 933.

Step 3: Apply to Study at UNISA

Once you have improved your marks and got your bachelors pass at UNISA you can think about applying at UNISA.  Keep an eye on our website as we always publish the application dates for UNISA on our website.

We also have many helpful tutorials on how to apply at UNISA. Remember that you are not guaranteed a space at UNISA even if you do get Matric.  But you can’t even try until you have passed.

Good luck with your UNISA Matric Rewrite!

Written BY: Dylan Florence
Last Updated: 05 November 2023

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