UNISA Students Uproar over Exams and NSFAS Allowances

UNISA Students in Uproar over NSFAS Allowances and UNISA Exams

Unisa students have recently been gathering around multiple Unisa campuses, including Sunnyside and the Pietermaritzburg campus, airing their grievances over recent developments regarding the non-payment of NSFAS allowances as well as the decision to bring exams forward due to the IEC General Elections.

According to National Student Representative Council secretary Amukelani Ngwenya, students have downed tools until their demands have been met as many students have not received their study material at all and that some only received their study material recently, even though students are supposed to receive their resources 15 weeks before the examination period starts.

Thembeka Damane, coordinator for the SA Students Congress, added that while it’s the month of March, the university has yet to provide a number of students with study material or laptops, putting them at a disadvantage and unable to perform at the best of their ability.

Martin Ramotshela, Unisa spokesperson, has in turn spoken out about the decision to move exams forward to allocate the general elections, saying that the university wanted to make way for the IEC since the venues are registered as polling stations for the elections.

He added that students were given a chance to write their exams in August, which has been met with disapproval from students due to the fact that this would more than likely impede on preparations for the 2nd semester examination period, which starts in October.

NSFAS Concerns

Students have also protested over recent deductions being made when withdrawing NSFAS funds from their bank of choice, saying that they were charged R5.50 for each withdrawal.  Damane added that students should receive cards as well as to be notified when their funding is made available in their accounts, ready for withdrawal.

To learn more on the recent development regarding the non-payment of NSFAS allowances from Unisa as well as student responsibility towards using their allowances wisely, you can read more online here.

Last Updated: 05 April 2022