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All about UNISA (University of South Africa)

UNISA – University of South Africa.  It is one of the biggest universities in the world, and it gives the opportunity of a brighter future to hundreds of thousands of students.  Not 0nly in South Africa, but across the globe.  We love UNISA.  Without UNISA 400,000 students that are studying today definitely would not have had the opportunity to study towards a degree.  They pick up a lot of flack, some of it justified, but if we did not have UNISA many of us would not be able to study at all.  And the reason why they seem to have so many problems?  Because they are helping SO MANY students!  So statistically they are bound to have more things go wrong.  UNISA has our backing, and we will do everything in our power to assist UNISA students – they are bravest, hardest working students in the country. Go UNISA!

Some Awesome facts about UNISA:

  1. UNISA is considered a “mega-university”, and with over 400,000 students enrolled it is one of the biggest in the world
  2. It is considered the 2nd best university in Africa after UCT (The African Economist, 2013)
  3. UNISA is over 140 years old. It started out as the University of the Cape of Good Hope in 1837.
  4. UNISA was a forerunner of long distance education when they began to teach exclusively through distance learning in 1946. This was revolutionary.
  5. UNISA has provided education without discrimination – you could always study through them regardless of your colour, nationality, race or creed.

How does Together We Pass work with UNISA?

Firstly – Together We Pass is in no way associated with UNISA.  They have no license, or any agreement with UNISA to assist UNISA student.

That being said, Together We Pass came about as a result of students struggling with communication with UNISA and losing motivation as they studied long distance.  We are help all UNISA students that need some extra help to pass their exams.

We conceptualised an online study group platform where students can share UNISA resources with others who are studying the same course; compare assignments without the risk of plagiarism and ask each other questions when they got stuck. A simple yet highly effective system (social learning) that has been proven to drastically improve understanding and marks.

The Biggest and the Oldest

UNISA is the biggest distance-learning institution in Africa, and the oldest open-distance education university in the world. A third of South Africa’s university students use UNISA and it is also one of the largest universities on the planet.  Imagine how many lives UNISA changes when you think that they service 400,000 students!

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Access for All

As one of the oldest distance learning institutions in the world UNISA has always been about giving access to higher education to those who could not normally have access.  That has never been more true than it is today.  UNISA gives access to students across the globe, with exam centers in over 130 countries.  In South Africa UNISA takes around one third of all South Africa’s university entrants.

Together We Pass believes that helping UNISA students pass will help South Africa move forward as a nation. Students need a high impact, low cost solution that they can access anywhere.

You can also choose the level of input with Together We Pass.  If you want to just get some extra notes and work with your peers to improve your marks then choose the Gold groups.  If you want a lecturer on hand, help with assignments and an exam pack, choose the Premium option.  If you want total VIP, one on one help, go for The Dragon.

Whatever you need, and whatever your budget – we can help.

Poor Record

UNISA has grown at an exponential rate over the past ten years and has found it difficult to keep up with the demand. They have earned a rather bad reputation for slow registration, slow release of study material and results, and bad communication with students.

It is understandable, with over 400,000 students to service, that there is enormous pressure on the institution. There have been some shortcomings and failures along the way but it is clear that UNISA continues to strive to put new methods in place to assist students. MyUNISA was their first big step to aiding their students.

Remember to read up on on the tips we have to help you register early, not worry about late release of marks, and how to get your books early and not be delayed in your studies!


MyUNISA has been a saving grace in many ways:

    • Students can now access their study material as soon as they are registered and thus get started before their books arrive in the post
    • Students no longer have to post their assignments
    • Students can register online
    • Students can discuss coursework with other students

However, MyUNISA has struggled with the amount of students and has been known to shut down when there is an influx of assignments being submitted. Check out our full list of the pros and cons of MyUNISA.

Together We Pass offers additional assistance to students studying at UNISA. Our online study groups have been helping students succeed since 2008 and we are constantly developing our technology to assist students more effectively. It is important to recognise that Together We Pass aims to support MyUNISA and not replace MyUNISA. Contact us directly to check if there is space in a study group for your UNISA course.

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High Drop-Out Rates

Unfortunately distance education is always a struggle.  Students have to manage and motivate themselves, and have little access to support.  Distance learning students are usually working full time, having to juggle study with work and family responsibilities.  With an institution under pressure like UNISA there is very little they offer in the way of help should you get stuck.

Our aim at Together We Pass is to facilitate peer-to-peer support, as well as very cheap access to high quality subject specialists.  Now all students can benefit without having to pay huge fees for personal tutors. We encourage students to share resources, compare assignments and assist each other with their studies.  In our Premium and Gold groups you have access to a lecturer who is a subject expert 5 days a week!

We also aim to keep students motivated to finish their degree.  Most students take 7 years to complete their degree, and putting in all that hard work for such a long time is difficult.  Join Together We Pass so you have a community of people to cheer you to the finish line!

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Check out the UNISA video on what they’ve been up to for the past 140 years:

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