Alternative Bursaries and Scholarship options available in November and December 2019

Alternative Bursaries and Scholarships – November/December 2019

Alternative bursaries and scholarships – they are out there and available for students to pursue but not everyone know about it.

Not everyone can afford to go study after leaving school – that’s unfortunately how life goes sometimes. However, students who can’t pay for their tertiary studies can still go the route applying for a bursary, scholarship, or student loan.

The main bursary option for students in South Africa is the NSFAS bursary. While it may be the most popular option, not everyone is able to study under a NSFAS grant. This is the reason why students need to lay their eggs in multiple baskets instead of only one. Applications for an NSFAS bursary closes on 30 November, so there’s still time to apply. However, there are other alternative bursaries and scholarship options out there that tertiary students cannot ignore.

With that being said, here’s a list of bursaries and scholarships available for students closing in October and November:

Alternative Bursaries and Scholarship closing in November

Alternative Bursaries and Scholarships closing in December

Government Bursaries and Scholarships

Student/Financial Aid Programmes

Apiece of advice to everyone applying for a bursary: Make sure that you qualify for the bursary that you apply for. Remember that all bursaries and scholarships have specific requirements that students have to match in order to qualify.

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First Published: 1 November 2019
Updated on 03 April 2022

2 thoughts on “Alternative Bursaries and Scholarships – November/December 2019”

  1. Hi I have a youth development diploma from unisa which i obtain 2017 last year I was rejected by Nsfas due to existing qualification I don’t have a money to further my degree in bed foundation phase as I was using cash for my diploma can you please help me with other options. Thanks

    1. There are other funding options that you can look at, all which can be found in the article. Look at the ones that’s either specific to the qualification that you’re going for or student funding like Fundi.

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