How to Submit a UNISA Written Assignment on MyUNISA

At Together We Pass we are always looking for ways to help UNISA students. You can find a tutorial below on “How to Submit a UNISA written assignment on MyUNISA”. We explain the process in a simple, step by step manner that is easy to follow.

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  • Click on the module tab you would like to submit an assignment forUNISA written assignments


  • If you cannot see your module in the tabs; use the drop down box

Using the drop down box to select your module code


  • Once you have selected your module; Click on assignments in the menu to the left

Select the assignments link in the menu to the left


  • You will be taken to a page that looks similar to the one below

The assignment page with relevant details

  • You can use the key below to make sense of the table above

The assignment table key


  • If your assignment is not listed you should click on the link below

Use this link if your assignment is not listed in the assignment table

  • Read the instructions and follow the prompts

Warning page

Reporting pop up


  • If you need help; click on the link for step-by-step instructions such as the ones below

Click on this link if you need help with submitting your assignment


How to submit a UNISA written assignment on myUNISA

Find the module code

1.                   Find the module code of the assignment you want to submit in the Course column

The course column

2.                   Find the corresponding number of the assignment, e.g. 2 in the Ass.No. column

The Ass. No. Column

3.                   Click on the Submit link in the Action column next to the assignment number

The Action Column

Step 1: Load assignment file from your PC to myUnisa

4.                   Click on the Choose File button next to File Name

Choose File

5.                   In the Choose File dialog box, select the file you want to upload, and then click OpenSelect your file and click open

6.                   Select the correct program format from the File Format drop-down list (i.e. MS Word, Excel, PDF etc.)Choose your file's format

7.                   Click on the Continue button.

Click the continue button

Step 2: Verify the file details for final submission of your written assignment

Use this step to verify that you are uploading the correct file to the correct course and assignment number.

8.                   Click on the Continue button to submit your assignment file. If you do not click Continue, no submission action will take place.

Continue button

9.                   Large files will take longer to upload than small files. Please be patient after you have clicked Continue.

10.               If the wrong details, e.g. file name, appear on the screen, click Back to restart the file upload process.

Back button

Step 3: Assignment submission report

This is your proof that your assignment was submitted. It is advisable to print this page for your record purposes.

11.               Click on the Return to Assignment List button to go back to the Assignment overview screen.


Watch the video below which shows you how to prepare, format, complete & submit your assignments.

You can find more in-depth information about this here.

Watch the video tutorial below on How to Submit a UNISA Written Assignment on MyUNISA

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Last updated: April 15, 2018


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