ICB Courses At UNISA

UNISA does not offer ICB courses. If you want to study an ICB course, you can apply at the following distance learning colleges

Does UNISA Offer ICB Courses? 

UNISA no longer offers ICB courses.

Does UNISA Accept ICB Qualifications? 

No, UNISA does not accept ICB qualifications. However, depending on your ICB qualification you can apply for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). UNISA will check if the qualification you have meets their course or university entry requirements. It is up to UNISA if you will get accepted.

Can I Study At UNISA With An NQF Level 4?

Yes, you can study at UNISA with NQF level 4. NQF level 4 is Matric or Equivalent to Matric. UNISA will accept your NQF Level 4 if it meets the requirements for the course you are applying for.  

Does NSFAS Fund Bridging Courses At UNISA 

No, NSFAS does not fund bridging courses at UNISA. A bridging course falls under short courses and NSFAS does not fund short courses. Here is a list of courses NSFAS does not cover:

  • Short courses
  • Courses in private institutions
  • Second degrees 
  • Part-time courses 
  • Postgraduate courses 

What Is An ICB Course? 

An ICB course ranges from financial, business to office administration. These courses are offered by the ICB and can be done through many accredited training providers

Where Should I Go After ICB? 

You have the following options after completing your ICB qualification: 

Study further– Once you have completed an ICB qualification, you can apply to a university and study towards a degree. Your acceptance at the university depends on whether you meet their requirements.

Join the ICBA – You are more likely to be admitted to the ICBA if you have an ICB qualification. You apply and pay the joining fee on the ICBA website. 

Get a job – ICB qualifications are recognised internationally. You can apply for work anywhere in the world and you have higher chances of employment. 

Start a Business – You can start your own business with the knowledge gained from the course you have completed. ICB qualifications help students gain scarce skills. These skills are necessary for starting your own business.

What Is An ICB National Certificate?

An ICB National Certificate is a course or a qualification level. An example is the National Certificate in Bookkeeping which is an NQF level 3 qualification.

These courses can include business, financial or office administration. Certificates can range from National Certificates to National Diplomas. 

Here is an image below explaining which NQF levels National Certificates can reach.

NQF levels National Certificates

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