The ICB uses MACCI as a digital platform for students to submit their work. It allows students to keep track of their digital portfolios. 

The digital portfolio consists of assignments and tests. The results of the tests will be provided immediately after you submit them. MACCI also allows the academic team to monitor student progress.

Advantages of MACCI

These are the advantages of using MACCI:

  • Once payment has been made, students have immediate access
  • Feedback is immediately available in an online test
  • Your incorrect answers will be provided along with the correct ones 

How Do I Log In To MACCI?

Students can log into the ICB digital portfolio using the MACCI portal. To have access to the Macci platform, students must register on the student portal. It is important to know that registered courses will only reflect on your digital portfolio once the payment has been processed.

How Does The Digital Portfolio Work?

Since there are no more paper PoE’s, all students have to submit their portfolio of evidence digitally using MACCI. The digital PoE includes three assignments and two online tests. 

Test results are given immediately after submission. Students must hand in their PoE 48 hours before the exam. 

How Is the Digital PoE Different From the Paper-Based PoE?


Frequently Asked Questions:

What Can I Study With ICB?

If looking to gain an ICB qualification there are three study programs you can choose from. All of which can be studied through distance learning or in a classroom setting. Here are the following ICB courses:

How Do I Become A Member Of The ICB? 

When it comes to joining the ICB, candidates can either join by assessment or by exemption. Joining by assessment involves completing an ICB qualification to get a membership. In order to gain entrance by exemption candidates must have prior experience in the relevant field.

Are ICB Courses Accredited?

Yes, ICB courses are accredited. All ICB courses are approved by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).

What Is An ICB Certificate?

An ICB certificate is a certificate given to students who have completed an ICB qualification.ICB certificates help students build the necessary skills to enter the workplace. They focus on business and finance. You can get the following certificates with ICB:

  • National Certificate
  • FET Certificate 
  • Higher Certificate 
  • National Diploma

How Can I Register For ICB Exams?

Students that are joining the ICB for the first time can register for exams using the ICB student portal

Do I Need A License To Do Bookkeeping?

Yes, you do need a license to do bookkeeping. Before starting your own business in bookkeeping you need to have a practice license. This has to be updated every year. ICB members can apply for licensing through the ICB.   

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