TWP Academy is a fully accredited private college that offers a wide range of courses for home study students. TWP Academy will help you find the right course for you to achieve your ultimate career goals.

TWP Academy aims to facilitate your studies and set you up on your way to success. TWP Academy holds your hand, every step of the way, until you successfully complete your chosen course.  TWP Academy is a registered ICB provider so you can get an  accredited college qualification.

TWP Academy History


We are very proud of our sister company TWP Academy which we launched in 2015.  TWP Academy offers fully accredited bookkeeping and accounting courses, as well as some provider courses as Occupational Health and Safety and Project Management.

At Together We Pass we know what it looks to struggle through your distance learning course on your own.  We have been helping home study students since 2008, so we really and truly understand.  It became clear to us that students need both academic support as well has help to stay motivated if they are going to complete their qualification.  Students can easily feel isolated and helpless when they are trying to struggle through their course on their own.

Due to these issues Together We Pass decided to launch our own private home study college with a focus on business courses.  The core beliefs are excellent service, with a high contact model where students have easy access to their lecturers and fellow students on a daily basis.  TWP Academy was launched in 2015, and got it’s first accreditation in early 2016.

The qualifications that TWP Academy offer are accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), which is a professional bookkeeping body.  They are a Quality Assurance Partner to both Fasset and QCTO, which means that they are given authority by these government institutions to accredit private providers.

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TWP Academy now offers a range of fully accredited bookkeeping, financial management as well as entrepreneurial qualifications that will allow you to jumpstart your career in apositive way.

TWP Academy caters for students that want to study high quality, accredited bookkeeping and accounting qualifications, but who may not meet the entry requirements of UNISA and other institutions of higher learning. Many of the ICB qualifications only take a grade 10 to apply, and thus this gives access to education to students who may otherwise be excluded.

We also believe they are suitable for students that were accepted by UNISA, but are not able to pass the degree level subjects in Accounting.  Approximately 95% of UNISA students fail the first year accounting exams, so we believe there is a real need for an alternative for these students.

As with any home study courses our qualifications are ideal for people that are working and want to keen earning and gaining experience as they study towards their qualifications.  This makes it affordable, especially with the monthly payment structures offered by TWP Academy.


TWP Academy Accreditation


TWP Academy is accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) as a Quality Assurance Partner (QAP of  FASSET (Fasset is the Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority) and QCTO (Quality Council for Trades and Occupation).   This means that the ICB receive your accreditation application and do the site visit.

When a training institution is inspected for its accreditation, the accrediting body looks at the ability of the training institution to successfully offer the course for which they are being accredited. This means they look at the structures, venues, study materials, financial health, tax status and BEE status as part of the accrediting process.

Once they have established that you do have everything you need in place to offer this qualification successfully they submit your details to QCTO to issue the accreditation.

When you choose to start studying a course, it is important to know that you are signed up with a reputable college. You will need to be registered with a college that has been through the accreditation process so that your potential employers will recognise your qualification and know that you can bring something to the table when you join their team.

TWP Academy has passed these and all the other accreditation requirements in full.


FASSET Accreditation number


Accreditation Number – A58500025

(25 May 2016 – 24 May 2021)

The Institute of Chartered Bookkeepers (ICB)


So what is so great about the ICB?  Why should someone study an ICB programme?  Together We Pass and TWP Academy are very proud to offer these programs for a number of reasons.

Firstly, you can start a qualification with only a grade 10.  Most students who never completed their matric believe that they will never be able to further their education as you need a matric to qualify for accredited programmes.  This is not the case with the ICB.

The second reason we love ICB courses is because the quality of the programmes are so high, and they are written for home study students.  We know that we can ensure every student passes if they work with us, and keep motivated to get qualified.

Here is some extra information about how the ICB works.

ICB Portal


The ICB portal, otherwise known as the ICB learner portal, is where you can self manage many aspects of your studies.  This includes registering with ICB and paying your ICB annual membership.  You can also book and pay for your  exams.  You can also get your exam results once they are released.

The ICB portal is also where you can update your information, order certificate reprints and make payments to ICB with your credit card.

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 ICB results 2016


The ICB results 2016 are where you can see when your results are going to be released every year.  We know that waiting for results is a real cause of stress for students, so understanding how the process works ensures that you can remain calm.

ICB exam results take about 6 weeks before they are released.


ICB Registration


ICB registration is only done after you have signed up with a provider, for example with our private college TWP Academy.  Once you have registered with TWP Academy you will go onto the ICB learner portal and register with the ICB, paying your annual membership fee.

Remember that you have to pay the membership fee to ICB every year, so if you study faster you will pay less in membership fees to the ICB.


ICB Exams


The ICB exams happen 4 times a year.  You need to know the ICB exam timetable so that you know when the cutoff dates is for each session.

You also need to understand how the ICB exams and assessments work, as the exam is not the only part of your course that counts towards your final mark.


ICB timetable 2017


The ICB timetable 2017 shows you exactly when each the cutoff date is for registering for an exam sitting is, the date of the exam, and the date that the results will be released.

Remember to look up the exam dates each year, as they will vary from year to year.


ICB Prospectus 2017


The ICB Prospectus 2017, otherwise known as the ICB Brochure 2017, is a very good resource in your ICB studies.  Not only does it explain how everything works, and how the programs are put together, but it also gives you the exam timetable and loads more really important information.


ICB Qualifications offered by TWP Academy


We know that home study students need more than to receive their books, and then be left to your own devices to struggle through alone.  At TWP Academy we are dedicated to providing students with high quality distance learning education, with lots of extra information and contact from us to ensure that you keep focused, understand the course content and are ready for your final exams.

We focus on improving access to education, and it is our goal to make sure that each of our students is given the academic support that he or she needs to succeed.

TWP Academy offers various accredited qualifications in the bookkeeping and accounting field.  The most popular qualification that we offer is the financial accounting program.  We will discuss this at length, and then list our other qualifications briefly thereafter.


ICB Financial Accounting Programme


Every company needs someone in the organisation to look after the books.

If a company fails to keep good financial records it is not only putting itself at risk of failing due to bad financial management.  They also put themselves at risk of breaking the laws that voern business.  Thus it is very important that every company  has an excellent finance team that has financial accounting training.

Financial accounting is a very important part of the organisation that keeps tabs on a company’s financial transactions. These transactions are recorded, summarized, and presented in a financial report or financial statement such as an income statement or a balance sheet using standardized guidelines.

If you want to become an accountant one day, this is the right stream for you.  You will learn how to do bookkeeping, financial accounting, income tax, financial management, reporting standards, corporate strategy, management accounting and research.

Remember this course takes you up to national diploma level.  You will be to switch over to study with ACCA or CIMA if wish you take your studies further and become a registered accountant.


ICB Financial Accounting Foundation Level


This qualification will take you 10 months, and you can be a Junior Bookkeeper, Accounts Clerk, Reconciliation Clerk, Payroll Clerk, Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk once you have completed all your exams.

The ICB Financial Accounting foundation level has four subjects, and you qualify for the National Certificate in Bookkeeping once you have passed the exams.  That means you get your first qualification after studying just 4 subjects.

You need to be 16, and how a grade 10 or equivilent to study this program, and you don’t need in prior accounting knowledge.  That means this is written assuming you know nothing about accounting so there is no need to be intimidated.



  1. Bookkeeping to Trial Balance (BKTB)
  2. Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns (PMSR)
  3. Computerised Bookkeeping (CPBK)
  4. Business Literacy (BUSL)


You will be able to do monthly bookkeeping to trial balance (manual and computerised); disclose profit and financial position; reconcile suppliers, inventory and bank statements; calculate PAYE/UIF/SDL; payroll tax and other deductions; EMP201, EMP501, IRP5, IRP6 and IT3a documents and VAT returns once you have completed this course.


ICB Financial Accounting Intermediate Level


You can only do this course if you have completed the foundation level course, or are exempted from it by the ICB.  At the Intermediate Level, you will hold the FET Certificate in Bookkeeping once you qualify.  This will take you about 6 months to complete.

You will be able to work as a senior bookkeeper, junior accountant, assistant accountant, financial services officer, credit controller or business analyst.

The subjects you will complete at this level are:

  1. Financial Statements (FNST)
  2. Cost and Management Accounting (CMGT)

After completing these subjects you will be able to do monthly bookkeeping, asset disposal, year-end adjustments, International Financial Reporting Standards for SMMEs, branch accounts, incomplete records, analysis of financial statements, understand cash flow, basic cost and management accounts, prepare manufacturing accounts, costing and budgeting.


ICB Financial Accounting Upper Intermediate Level


This level should take another 6 months to complete, and there are two further subjects.  Entry requirements are are that you have successfully passed the exams for subjects 1 to 6 listed above.

Once you have your National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting qualification you will be able to work as a Technical Financial Accountant, Financial Manager, Financial Services Manager, Accounting Technician or a Tax Technician.

The subjects you would need to complete are:

  1.  Income Tax Returns (ITRT)
  2. Business Law and Accounting Control (BLAC)

You will be able to complete a full set of accounts for a financial year, support management in finance and accounting, become a SAIT tax practitioner (once you meet their requirements), know the ins and outs of accounting, taxation (individuals and companies), auditing and business law.


ICB Financial Accounting Advanced Level


This last level takes a further year to complete and you need to hold all 8 of the first modules in order to qualify to take this qualification, or equivalent.  Once you have passed the final 4 subjects you will hold a National Diploma in Financial Accounting, which is on NQF level 6.

You will now be able to hold any one of the following job titles:  Financial Accountant, Accounting Officer (via SAIBA, if you meet their criteria), Tax Practitioner, Tax Consultant, Management Accountant or Assistant Manager.

You will need to complete the following subjects:

  1.  Corporate Strategy (CRPS)
  2. Management Accounting Control Systems (MACS)
  3. Financial Reporting and REgulatory Frameworks (FRRF)
  4. Research Theory and Practice (by short dissertation; topic Financial Accounting) (RTAP)

You will now be able to Compile annual financial statements; register with SAIBA as an Accounting Officer (once you meet their requirements); work with Chartered Accountants and Auditors; have a thorough knowledge of accounting theory and practice, corporate strategy and International Financial Reporting Standards.

Further ICB programmes offered by TWP Academy


Although Financial Accounting is the most popular course, TWP Academy has a number of other courses that cater to more specialised requirements that our students may have.


ICB Entrepreneurship Programme


This is an ideal programme for the financially-minded individual who has  dreams to start, manage or develop a small/medium sized business, or want to help grow an established local company to a global enterprise. The ICB Entrepreneurship Programme has three levels:

Foundation Level. At this level, one qualifies for the  National Certificate in Small Business Financial Management.  With this certificate on can start your own business or join a startup company.

Intermediate Level. At this level, one qualifies for the Higher Certificate in Office Administration.  With this certificate you can start your own business or join a startup business as their financial person.

Advanced Level. At this level, one qualifies for the National Diploma in Financial Accounting.  With this qualification you can be a  Financial Accountant, Chief Financial Officer in an entrepreneurial environment, Business Consultant, Business Advisor or an Accounting Officer (via SAIBA, if you meet their criteria).


ICB Public Sector Accounting Programme


Public Sector Accounting is an accounting method used in central and local governments and other non-profit public sector entities. TWP Academy offers the following ICB accredited public sector accountant courses:

Foundation Level. At this level, one qualifies for the National Certificate in Public Sector Accounting. With this certificate, one can be a Public Accounts Administrator

Intermediate Level. At this level, one qualifies for the Diploma in Public Sector Accounting.  With this Diploma, one can be a Technical Public Accountant or an Accounting Technician in the public sector.

Advanced Level. At this level, one qualifies for the National Diploma in Financial Accounting. With this Diploma, one can be a Public Sector Financial Accountant, Financial Accountant or an Accounting Officer (via SAIBA, if you meet their criteria)


ICB Business Management Programme


Business management in all business areas and organizational activities are the acts of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives efficiently and effectively. The ICB Business Management Programme has three levels:

Foundation Level. At this level, one qualifies for the National Certificate in Small Business Financial Management.  With this certificate, one can be a Assistant or administrator in human resources, office management, legal, administration, public relations, marketing, sales, customer relations. Junior Researcher, Junior Analyst, or Sales Assistant.

Intermediate Level.  At this level, one can qualify for the Higher Certificate in Office Administration.  With  this qualification, one can be a Senior Office Administrator, Secretary, General Office Manager, Human Resources Manager, Labour Relations Manager, Field/Floor/Store/Department Supervisor or a Customer Service Manager.

Advanced Level. At this level, one qualifies for the National Diploma in Financial Accounting. With this diploma, one can be a Financial Accountant, Accounting Officer (via SAIBA if you meet their criteria). Field/Floor/Store/Department Manager, Key Account Manager, Business Manager, Business Consultant, Business Advisor, Service or Sales Manager.


ICB Office Administration Programme


This stream is for people who aspire to become business administrators or office managers.  These are people mainly  responsible for making sure that everything goes as planned and that problems get attended to in a business. The business administrator or office manager also oversees the tasks of all other office staff and keeps them motivated to ensure a positive office environment. The ICB Office Administration Programme has three levels.

Foundation Level. At this level, one qualifies for a Certificate in Office Administration. With this qualification, one can be a Junior Office Administrator, Receptionist, Office Assistant, Public Relations Officer or a Marketing Administrator.

Intermediate Level.  At this level, one can qualify for the Higher Certificate in Office Administration. With this certificate, you can be a Senior Office Administrator, Secretary, General Office Manager, Human Resources Administrator or a  Labour Relations Administrator.

Advanced Level. At this level, one qualifies for a Diploma in Office Administration. With this qualification, one can work as a Office Manager, Public Relations Manager, Administrative Manager

Who should study at TWP Academy


Anyone who wants a high level of service and input in their studies should study at TWP Academy.  You will get constant support so that that you can pass and get qualified. TWP Academy also caters for students who never completed their matric.


Who should study at TWP Academy


Anyone who wants a high level of service and input in their studies should study at TWP Academy.  You will get constant support so that that you can pass and get qualified. TWP Academy also caters for students who never completed their matric.


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These are the students who now cannot find decent employment or cannot afford further education in the classroom model colleges due to their expensive fees. When you are in a classroom and yet you are not working, it is very hard to pay for one’s own fees.

Due to the recent #FeesMustFall protests, some students are very unsure about registering for university as they are fearing for their safety. TWP Academy becomes a more viable option in this instance as the study groups are conducted online where the student feels safe and secure.

We welcome anyone wanting to study at TWP Academy, and hope that you sign up soon.


Home Study with TWP Academy


After watching UNISA students struggle TWP Academy believes in a high contact model, where students can engage with their lectures by phone, email, SMS and their study groups.

From the moment of enquiring potential students will be guided by experience, knowledgeable registrars who will assist the student to decide what the correct qualification is for them.

Once the student signs up they will immediately receive their first assignment via email so that they can get started within an hour of registration.  For the student eager to get started this means they can get started without delay.  The physical books will be couriered immediately, so that the student will get their first books within days.

The student will continue to get instructional emails from the college for the first few months of their studies.  These will explain what to expect from their studies, how to use their study groups and how to send in their assignments.

The student will also get SMSes and emails from their lecturers with reminders of when hand in assignments, and they will get daily contact with their lecturer in their study groups.


How do I get my books with TWP Academy?


All study material is couriered at TWP Academy.

The post office has become too unreliable in recent years, and is too slow for the high level of service we believe our students deserve.  Remember you will also be emailed your first assignment so that you can get started right away.

On average, students will receive their books or materials in two or three days.  However, the official turnaround time for the college is 7 to 10 working days.

TWP Academy will not hold up your studies with slow delivery of books!

How do I speak with my TWP Academy lecturer?


How to communicate with your college is one of the most important things you must understand when you decide where to study.  If you can’t easily speak to the academic and admin staff at the college you will be left feeling frustrated, isolated and unmotivated.  TWP Academy ensures that there are numerous ways to speak to the college so that students always have access to help whenever they need it.

Here is some more details on how the college communicates with their students.




Having full time staff available all year round is key to ensuring that all students have the access to the institution that will keep them studying.  The college does not close for Christmas, and is open every weekday unless there is a public holiday.

The TWP Academy lecturers are available on the telephone Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.  These lecturers are part of our full time staff, so your lecturer in most subjects is onsite and able to talk to you immediately.  It is very important that you understand whether the lecturer for your course is a full time staff member when choosing a college.  Otherwise you will not have immediate access to speak with them if you do need help.

You can also speak to the administrative staff if you want to know if your assignment was received, or want to know where your next set of books are.


Online study groups on Together We Pass


TWP Academy was born out of Together We Pass, so you can bet that your study groups with TWP Academy will be world class.

Your lecturer from TWP Academy will be in the study group daily, answering questions, posting notes or comments and motivating you.  You can chat to other students to keep engaged and motivated to study.

You also get email notifications from the website telling you what is going on in your study group.  You can set the frequency of how often you receive these; every post, daily digest, weekly digest, monthly digest, or never.  It is suggested that the best option is the daily digest. You can easily click on the link provided in the email if you want to read the full post, or respond.

Make sure you use your study group and engage if you want to pass your course with flying colours.  Peer to peer learning is a key way to ensure you understand the material better, and remain motivated.  So get onto the site and post, often!




You can communicate with your lecturer via email any time of the day.  This has proved to the preferred method of communication for most students, as it is so convenient in the modern day and age.

Email is also one of the major ways in which the college will communicate with you.  You will get automated emails from the day you start, which will explain what to expect, how to use the various services the college offers and even basic study tips.

Make sure you update the college if you change your email address, as this it is vital that the college can communicate with you via email.




TWP Academy believes that the communication from the college to the student should be proactive.  That means allot of communication so that you always know what is going on.

SMS is used to communicate announcements, or for very important information.  For example you will receive an SMS with your marks as soon as your assignment is marked.


How do I contact TWP Academy?


If you are interested in any of the TWP Academy offerings please contact them directly.  Or you can look on their website at:


Enrollment Office contact details


Call us on Toll Free:  0800 39 27

Call your Direct Office Number: 012 740 2350

If you want to meet us in person this is our physical address:

440 Hilda street

Office 400

2nd floor




Support Centre Contact Details


Telephone number: 021 838 8251

International number: +27 21 838 8251

Email address:


If you want to meet us in person this is our physical address:

Unit 53B, Mega Park

C/o Peter Barlow Drive & Robert Sobukwe Road

Bellville South




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