How will TWP help me with my UNISA studies?

You may be asking yourself what the story is with Together We Pass. How will TWP help me with my UNISA studies?

Click here to see the compliments given us by past students showing how much we helped them – all taken from Facebook, Twitter or our study groups.

Here are some of the ones that caught our eye, but please browse our compliments page as there are hundreds of comments from UNISA students:

TWP study groups for UNISA students

“I am finally done with my B.Compt and I can unequivocally say I would not have reached this point without TWP. the resources available for each module helped immensely and I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Tabby and her team for all the support and help. They were always available to answer queries and go out of their way to assist. May TWP continue to grow from strength to strength.” Nita Ramroop on Facebook

“TWP is about more than studying. It’s a community where fellow exam sufferers can come together and share ideas, insights and support one another. The benefits of joining a TWP group far outweigh the costs. Without TWP, I would not have obtained 20 distinctions in my BCom degree!” Jaco van der Merwe on Facebook

Here is some more detail about what is offered in our UNISA study groups.

Our expert Tutors are ready to help in our Premium groups with:

  • Study Notes written by our tutors
  • Exam packs
  • MCQ Assignment Comparisons and help (cheat free)
  • Expert Tutors in your Online Study Groups, every day.
  • Study Notes printed and couriered to your door on request (additional cost – please enquire)
  • Your facilitator is posting in your group regularly, adding to the discussion daily, and facilitating the group discussion each day.
  • Our tutors will answer your questions when you get stuck. They explain the course-work that you don’t understand.
  • The facilitator discusses problem questions in the study group.
  • With essay-type questions you can post your assignment to the facilitator for the tutor’s comments.
  • For structured questions, the tutor gives help in the study forum when you ask
  • The tutor helps you prepare for the exam with your exam pack.
  • You will find that being part of a study group, led by a facilitator and guided by a tutor will greatly increase your motivation.



What else do I get in my FREE study group (that is available to ALL study groups)?

  • Create and customise your profile
  • Join online Discussion groups to chat with Classmates.
  • Easy to navigate with updates in the Activity feed
  • Compare and discuss your assignments for deeper understand and better marks (cheat free)
  • Daily emails to keep you up to date on what has been discussed in the groups.
  • Friend your classmates for one-on-one chats.
  • You can call us anytime if you need help on how to use the site and find the resources. So call us for things like: how to log in; lost your password; where to find your study group; finding resources on the site; how to post questions and answers for your fellow students; how to friend someone; how to send a personal message; how to use the assignment comparison tool; and where to find the “how-to guides”.

Come see for yourself why people come back to Together We Pass again and again!

Last updated: 27 February 2017

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