UNISA Accounting Sciences Qualifications

UNISA Accounting Sciences Qualifications

With thousands of students applying to study at the University of South Africa (UNISA) every year, it can be helpful to understand what qualifications are available, so you can choose which one is best for you to apply to.

Qualifications Offered At UNISA College Of Accounting Sciences For 2023

For students looking to apply for qualifications in the College of Accounting Sciences, we have a full list of all qualifications that will be offered for the 2023 academic year. You can also check out what Finance courses will be offered. 

Undergraduate Qualifications

The undergraduate qualifications that will be offered for 2023 are listed below. 

Higher Certificates

Advanced Certificates


Advanced Diploma

Bachelor Degrees

Postgraduate Qualifications

The postgraduate qualifications that will be offered for 2023 are listed below.

Postgraduate Diplomas

Honours Degrees

Master’s And Doctoral Degrees

The Master’s and Doctoral Degrees that will be offered in 2023 are listed below.

Master’s Degrees

Doctoral Degrees

Which Subjects Are Required For Accounting Science?

There are two subject requirements for Accounting Science, which are: 


  • You must have passed English (the language of teaching and learning at UNISA). Different qualification levels have different requirements. The lowest minimum requirement is 30%, to apply to study for a Higher Certificate, and the highest minimum requirement is 50%, to apply to study for a Bachelor’s Degree. 
  • You must have passed Maths with at least 40% to study for a Diploma, or 50% to study for a Bachelor’s Degree

Can I Study Accounting With Maths Lit?

Yes, you can study Accounting with Mathematical Literacy. However, you will not be able to study higher than the Higher Certificate level at UNISA. To study for a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Sciences, you must first complete a Higher Certificate.

How Long Does It Take To Study For A Higher Certificate In Accounting Science At UNISA?

A Higher Certificate course at UNISA has a minimum duration of one year, and a maximum duration of three years, depending on whether you study full-time or part-time, and whether you pass all the required modules. 

You can make sure you pass the first time around by joining an online study group at Together We Pass. We also have a range of study notes and exam packs available to help you study to get the best marks you can.

What Is The Difference Between B.Com Accounting And Accounting Science?

A B.Com Accounting is a three-year Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, with a specialisation in Accounting. A Bachelor of Accounting Science is known as the “CA route”, and is a three-year fixed programme in chartered accounting.

Is UNISA Accredited By SAICA?

Yes, UNISA is accredited by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA).

What Is The Highest Paying Accounting Job In South Africa?

The highest paying Accounting job in South Africa is currently a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The pay scale of a CFO in South Africa is R 48 300 per month – R 266 600 per month. The average salary for a CFO in South Africa is currently R 96 405 per month. 


Shown below are the top Accounting jobs in South Africa and their pay scales.


Job Title

Pay Scale (per month)


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

R 166 600 – R 266 600 


Finance Director (FD) for a large firm

R 141 600 – R 250 000


CFO or FD for a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME)

R 48 300 – R 166 600


Senior Finance Manager

R 116 600 – R 125 000


Finance Manager

R 62 500 – R 116 600


Qualified Certified Accountant (CA) in South Africa

R 45 800 – R 116 600


Audit Manager

R 62 500 – R 83 300


Qualified CIMA Accountant 

R 45 800 – R 83 300


Internal Manager

R 33 300 – R 50 000

What Have We Learned?

  • UNISA offers a range of courses in the College of Accounting Sciences at different study levels
  • The required subjects are English and Maths
  • You can study a Higher Certificate in Accounting Science if you took Maths Literacy
  • A Higher Certificate in Accounting Science takes a minimum of one year to complete
  • B.Com is a general 3-year degree, and you can specialise in Accounting, whereas a Bachelor of Accounting Science is a fixed programme Degree in Chartered Accounting
  • UNISA is accredited by SAICA
  • The highest paying accounting job in South Africa is currently a Chief Financial Officer

Author: Chloe Byadwell
Editor: Sive Ncanywa
Date: August 29, 2022