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Choosing to Study a BCom Degree

A Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree is one of the most popular study options for people around the world. Business owners, managers, marketers, economists, financial boffins, and many others often start out with a BCom degree. Some graduates choose to specialise in a specific field, whilst others continue to study further and get a postgraduate qualification. 

What is Commerce? 

Studying a BCom degree - What is commerce?

Commerce describes any action where some economic element is exchanged for consideration. It can be a product, service, or any valuable item, and the transaction can be between private persons or with a business. 

Commercial activities are happening all around us on a daily basis. Studying a BCom degree will help prepare you for the field of commerce and open up several career options. Many students choose a Bachelor of Commerce due to its flexibility in real-world application. 

Bachelor of Commerce presented by Unisa

Unisa offers a generic BCom degree on a distance learning basis or online format. You will need to meet certain requirements if you want to study this course at Unisa. A Senior Certificate with an APS of at least 21, or a similar qualification is necessary to study BCom. Students need to have access to the internet, a computer, and printer, since the course is completed through distance learning. These resources will help you to access your learning materials and take part in assessments.

The course should take three years to complete but some students may take longer due to time constraints or other circumstances. A generic BCom degree will provide you with a total of 360 credits. You will receive an NQF level 7 qualification upon completing your BCom degree. 

Keep in mind that the requirements to study BCom are just the basics and additional prerequisites may have to be met to study at Unisa. The requirements are degree-specific and other Unisa qualifications may have entirely different conditions for studying.

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BCom Degree – What will I Study? 

A Bachelor of Commerce degree focuses on modules relating to business. The BCom degree from Unisa will give you graduate-knowledge of Commerce, teach you skills required for industry application, and prepare you for the world of business. The qualification develops you as a person to be successful in a junior or middle management position and gives you a platform for further studies.

At Unisa, you will be required to select two majors for your BCom degree. These majors are subjects in which you can become a specialist. The two Bcom Majors are your choice and need to be fields in which you have an interest for future employment. One of the majors you choose must be: Business Management, Economics, or Financial Accounting. These three subjects form a solid foundation for any career in commerce. 

The other major is up to you and can be selected from any of the modules presented by Unisa. You will need to follow the chosen majors throughout your years of study so you need to make your decision carefully. 

BCom Help from Together We Pass

Study a BCom degree with the help of Together We Pass

Studying a new subject does pose some challenges. Luckily, Together We Pass is here to help you reach BCom success! We know that you want to do your best in your BCom degree and have carefully crafted resources to ensure you have everything you need for your studies.

Together We Pass can help you in three ways: Bcom Study Groups, BCom Study Notes, and BCom Exam Packs.

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BCom Study Groups

Join a BCom study group to help you through every facet of your qualification. By joining the group, you will have access to a number of resources already available in the study group. There is a discussion forum where you can discuss anything that is relevant to the module with other students. 

We also have an assignment comparison tool which is free from cheating. Use the tool to see if your assignment is meeting the standard or where to improve your work. 

Bcom Study Notes

The Study Notes will help you to understand your BCom degree and has been compiled by our professional team. Thorough summaries will guide you through your modules and get you up-to-date with the latest course work. 

BCom Exam Pack

The Exam Pack consists of potential exam questions collected from Unisa exams over recent years. Prepare for your BCom exams by working through the available questions.

The information in the study notes and exam packs are presented in a clear manner and contain the latest information from Unisa. You will always have access to the latest notes for your BCom studies.

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Last Updated: 03 September 2019

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