Will I get accepted to study if I apply at UNISA

There is no guarantee that you will be accepted at UNISA

Will I get accepted to study if I apply at UNISA? Don’t get your hopes up. Remember, in the first application period in 2016 over 400 000 students applied to study at UNISA. That is as many students as were already registered at the institution.  

UNISA cannot accept every one of those students, so no –  there can be no guarantee that you will be accepted.

However, there are things you can do to improve your chances.  And funnily enough the most important of these is being sure that apply correctly as most students are rejected as they did not send in all the correct documentation.

We have a detailed tutorial on how to apply, so just click on the link to understand in detail what you need to do.  Please follow the instructions by the letter or your application is automatically rejected.

Will I get accepted to study if I apply at UNISA

When will I find out if I am accepted?

If you apply to study at UNISA in the August/ September 2017 application period then you should get a response by November 2017. However, some students have reported that it took longer. If you are accepted you can study in January 2018.

What if I want to study  now?

If you are anxious to get started with your studies then don’t apply at UNISA.  It is a very slow process, and only a small percentage of students are accepted.

If you apply at a different institution such as a private distance learning college then you will be assured of a space, and can start studying within a week.

What can I study at a private distance learning college?

This depends entirely on what you want to achieve with your studies.  If you are wanting to start a career in accounting then a fully accredited course is the only way to go.

If you are trying to get your foot in the door to work in an office, or start your own business, then there is not as much need for accreditation.  A short course may suit you even better than a full three year program.

However, if you are looking for a solid career than an accredited course is probably what you need.  At our sister company Skills Academy, there are a number of accredited programs to think about.

The first to consider is CIMA (Chartered Instituted of Management Accountants), which is a locally and internationally accredited management accountant qualification. Once you have completed the full program you will have a qualification on the same level as a university degree, and it is a professional qualification, meaning it is centered on making students ready to work in the accounting industry.

Will I get accepted to study if I apply at UNISA      Will I get accepted to study if I apply at UNISA

The other alternative is the ICB (Institution of Certified Bookkeepers), where you can choose from a range of courses.  These are financial accounting, Business Management, entrepreneurship, office administration and public sector accounting.  All of these end on Diploma level and are therefore not on the same level as a UNISA degree.  However, you can complete these qualifications part time in 3 years, rather than the 10 years it takes to study part time at UNISA.

Skills Academy also has a wide range of skills courses that are not accredited.  These can teach you anything from computer courses to wedding planning.  Browse here if you want more information about Skills Academy’s courses.

What private distance learning college can I consider?

If you are looking to study accredited courses that you would not necessarily find at Unisa, we highly recommend our sister company Skills Academy. Skills Academy is a private college that prides itself on excellent service, and a highly supported distance learning model of education.Will I get accepted to study if I apply at UNISA

We know that it is very important for distance learning students to get alot of support, as studying at home is incredibly difficult.  That is why we love Skills Academy, whose lecturers are available any time in working hours via phone, email or in the dedicated Together We Pass study groups run by the Skills Academy staff.

You are guaranteed a place

Remember, if you go to a private distance learning college you are guaranteed a place. This is within limits – you still need to be able to pay the fees.  But these fees can be paid monthly, and are much less than if you were to study a degree course with UNISA.

There is no entrance criteria for CIMA, so you can gain a space no matter what your academic background.  And with ICB you can start with as little as a Grade 10.

So as long as you can commit to the low monthly payments, Skills Academy will help you get started right away.

You can start studying today

Do consider going to a private college if you want to start studying immediately.  Once you decide to go ahead you get your first set of study material within 7 working days.  Your first assignment is emailed to you the same day that you register so you can get started without delay.

No delay. No hassle.  Just a 4-month jump start to your new career. 

So if you want to find out more about what alternatives there are to UNISA then click here fill in this form and a friendly Skills Academy agent will get in touch soon. Or give Skills Academy a call on their toll-free number at 0800 39 00 27 and get studying today!

Last Updated: 03 April 2022

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  1. my name is Nelisiwe Radebe I apply at UNISA last year around August for HC in education my status still says my application has ben referred for enrolment even now, and today I even went to Florida campus to find out about my application, I did not got any help because already people are doing their registration, my student number is 59144556 kindly please help

    1. There is unfortunately nothing that I can do on my end regarding your UNISA application. You should have received word from UNISA by now whether you’ve been accepted or declined. Did you perhaps miss the window when you had to accept or decline a space at UNISA?

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