UNISA Course Code Confusion

Has anyone been finding the new UNISA course code system difficult to understand?  The biggest issue appears to be that UNISA no longer lists the old code with the new code, which has led to great confusion and frustration amongst UNISA students.


Trouble for long time UNISA students

For first time students who never used the old codes there would be no problem.  But for you students who have been with UNISA for some time it can be a little harder to get your head around – especially when you are trying to decide which courses to take next term.  After all, you would not want to sign up for the same course twice right?

Help us shed some light

We have decided to use our huge student community to try to shed some light.  We are going to list the old code new codes that we know about, and as you our fellow UNISA students to tell us about any that we have missed, or that we do not yet know about.  Please help us to put together a comprehensive list of old code/ new codes which we will keep on our website as a reference for all UNISA students.


We have created a list that we have put together of all the course codes – old, new or both – and we would love to get your help in growing this.  Please let us know of:

  • Any codes we are missing?
  • Any codes we have listed incorrectly?
  • Any old or new codes for the ones below?

Written by Tabitha Bailey

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2 thoughts on “UNISA Course Code Confusion”

  1. Hi Please help
    I am a long term BED Education Foundation phase student.
    What are the new codes for HEcC101V Health Education, EDT Religious education, TEX Writing Skills for communication Industry.
    Much appreciated

    1. Hie Salome

      Thank you for getting in touch with us .
      Unfortunately we are not able to assist as we only offer online study groups.We would advise you to contact UNISA directly or visit their website.

      Together We Pass.

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