Unisa Matric Correspondence

UNISA Matric Correspondence – these are topics that we often write about at Together We Pass.

UNISA is a correspondence or distance learning organization. Distance learning is when you are sent your books by the institution that you study with so that you can study at home. You send in assignments physically or online, and in general only need to go to your campus or exam center when you write your exams.

When it comes to exams, the format has changed in recent years with a majority of exams being written online and from home, although not all modules are like that.

Unisa is a Correspondence Institution

Unisa is the largest open distance learning institution in Africa and the longest standing dedicated distance education university in the world. Founded in 1873 as the University of the Cape of Good Hope, the institution became the first public university in the world to teach exclusively by means of distance education in 1946.

Over time, UNISA has adapted from being physical-only to become the largest open distance e-learning (ODEL) institution in Africa.

Benefits of Correspondence Learning

Correspondence learning means you can work and study at the same time, which is very beneficial when you need to earn money to help pay for your studies.  Here are more benefits to studying from home rather than on a campus:

  • You can continue with your other commitments and study at the same time.
  • Studying while you are working gets you valuable work experience to get a great job once you qualify.
  • Fees for distance learning are much lower than if you study on a campus full-time.
  • At home, you can choose the place and time to study, so that it suits your own learning styles.
  • You can study at your own pace.

Can I Study Matric at UNISA?

No, you cannot study your Matric at UNISA since the university is a higher education institution. Universities do not tend to offer Matric as a course to study. In order to study at Unisa, you will need to have your Matric (or equivalent) to get yourself started. 

If you do not yet have a qualification that meets the entry requirements for UNISA, then you cannot study at UNISA right now. However, there are different means by which you can get yourself to study at Unisa.

You can either study towards gaining your Adult Matric or look at alternative means of study if you do change your mind about studying at UNISA. Read more on the alternatives means of study here.

If I Have a Matric, Am I Guaranteed Space to Study at UNISA?

You are definitely 100% not guaranteed a space at UNISA no matter what marks you received when you completed high school.

Each academic year, the amount of applicants looking to study at UNISA increases each year and as the university only has limited space for each of its qualifications, it’s certain that there will be people who will miss out on space to study.

The following are all taken into consideration when considering your application:

  • Whether you have supplied all required documentation
  • Your previous highest qualification to see if you qualify
  • Your marks in those qualifications
  • Your gender and race, in order previously disadvantaged groups and ensure the university represents all groups in South Africa

Last Updated: 12 September 2022

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