Unisa Textbooks

The one thing that you need for your studies is your Unisa textbooks. It outlines the objectives in a course. It gives you an idea of what you will be dealing with throughout the course.

Unisa Textbooks
Together We Pass – Unisa Textbooks

Unisa Textbooks

Unisa textbooks are the most important books to have for your studies. It gives you the information that you need to be good in your profession. It is also the information that is most likely to appear in your exams.

The textbook gives you the plan of what you will do on that subject. You might find one heading, but with many topics to discuss under that heading.

What Type of Unisa Books Do You Get?

Unisa provides you with three types of books to help you with your studies. Once you have registered at Unisa, you will receive a list of books. On the list, you will find textbooks, prescribed books and recommended books. Do you know what the difference is between them? Let’s explore the other two book types.

Prescribed Unisa Textbooks

Prescribed textbooks are books that explain a specific topic in your module, in more detail, so that you can understand it better. Not all prescribed books are needed. Confirm with your tutor which books are best reads. It will save you a lot of time and money. For more information, you can read Prescribed Books Unisa 2018.

Popular Prescribed Unisa Textbooks with Study Unit Codes

To confirm which books you need, go to the myUnisa website. You will get all of the information of the book such as the name of the book, the writer, and edition of the book. Here are some of the most popular prescribed Unisa books, with study unit codes.

Subject Code Name of the book
Commercial Law IC CLA1503 General Principles of Commercial Law
Quantitative Modelling I DSC1520 Essential Mathematics for Economics and Business
Economics IB ECS1601 Economics for South African students
Financial Accounting Principles, Concept & Procedure FAC1502 About Financial Accounting Volume 1
Distinct Financial Reporting FAC3702 Descriptive Accounting – IFRS Focus
Managing of Training & Development HRD3702 Managing training and development
Invest: Equity Asset Valuation INV3701 Equity Asset Valuation
Interpretation of Statutes IOS2601 Statutory interpretation: an introduction for students
Individual Labour Law LLW2601 Labour Law RULES!
Strategic Planning IIIA MNG3701 Practicing Strategy: A Southern African Context

For more information on your prescribed books, contact Unisa on 012 429 4152 or vospresc@unisa.ac.za.

Recommended Books

Recommended books give you a deeper understanding of a topic. Some of the subjects have long lists of recommended books which you don’t need. Most of the recommended books are available at the Unisa library. Don’t buy all of the recommended books. Confirm with your tutor which books should you buy.

Please note that students are then responsible for buying their books.

Unisa Booksellers 

Unisa has their own official booksellers list. It is to make sure that you buy the correct books for your studies. The bookseller’s list is not the only stores that you can buy your textbooks. Many websites sell new and second-hand Unisa books.

Official Booksellers

The official booksellers’ list gives you a few bookshops (physical and online) where you can buy your textbooks. Find the Unisa Official Booksellers List here.

Friendly Booksellers

Friendly booksellers are not on the Unisa booksellers list, then again, they also sell prescribed Unisa textbooks. They may include new as well as used books, depending on the seller. The list below gives you a few friendly bookseller websites.

Second-hand Booksellers

Buying a second-hand book does not mean you will get an ugly book. It might look like a new book but costs half the price. Make sure that you buy the correct book from a second-hand bookseller. Always confirm the ISBN code, the name of the book, the edition and author with the seller.

Many websites sell second-hand Unisa textbooks. Below, we’ve listed three platforms you can buy second-hand Unisa textbooks.


Most of Unisa students advertise their books in the Unisa e-Bookshop. With this in mind, you can get very reasonable prices for your books.


Gumtree has a lot of people looking at their website daily. Many students advertise their books on Gumtree.


Facebook is very popular with many Unisa students. What better way to find your books than on Facebook? With that in mind, you can even chat directly with the seller. The following Facebook pages can get you started: Unisa Students – 2nd Hand textbooks for sale and Unisa Buy and Sell Books – By Students for Students.

Quotation For Unisa Books

Booksellers determine their prices. Contact the seller directly to get a quotation for your books.

Download Unisa eBook 

Printed books are expensive to buy. Why don’t you download the ebook instead? eBooks save money. To put it differently, you can save a lot of money because some of them are free to download. Some ebooks do come at a cost, but it will still be cheaper than the printed book. All together, they are also easy to access on your phone, tablet as well as on your laptop. Read more about Unisa eBooks Download here.

Step By Step Guide To Download Your eBook For Free

Textbooks can be pricey. Download the eBook instead so that you can lighten your stress. No extra money equals to no worries. Many other websites also sell ebooks, but it might cost you. Follow these 10 easy steps to download your ebook for free. 

Buy Unisa Books With NSFAS | sBux

sBux was made known by Unisa in 2014.  They pay qualified students an amount of money to cover: Food, travelling, books not to mention private accommodation.

To qualify for sBux, NSFAS must reward you with a loan or a bursary. sBux will send you a voucher code on your phone to pay at registered sBux sellers. Find more information on NSFAS sBux or email them sBux@nsfas.org.za.

When is the NSFAS Application Closing Date for 2018?

Applications for NSFAS funding closed 20 February 2018. Visit the NSFAS website at www.nsfas.org.za.

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Written by: Olivia Pika

Last updated: 23 April 2018