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UNISA Textbooks and the Text Book Revolution

Due to the recent SAPO strikes, UNISA students experienced delays in receiving their UNISA textbooks and study material. Some UNISA students have still not received their UNISA textbooks and study material up till now!

This impacted the student’s studies negatively making them miss assignment due dates, which, in some cases, will not allow them to write exams.


Students were told to download their study material from myUNISA; however myUNISA was down for approximately 3 weeks. UNISA provided another link for students to download their study material, but students complained that they already paid for their study material and printing 300+ pages at an internet cafe at R1 a page becomes pretty expensive!


If UNISA allowed students to print their material at a copy shop in their area, students would be able to start studying right away!


The Text Book Revolution would benefit UNISA in a multitude of ways:

  • UNISA would make student’s lives easier
  • It would compliment their move to digital
  • It would save UNISA money


Paperight has started a #textbookrevolution to persuade all Universities to move over to copy shops!

The first lines of their manifesto reads:


“At South African universities, less than half of students buy textbooks.

They are too often expensive, out of stock, hard to find, and longer than necessary.

This must change.”

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You can sign the petition here.


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Written by Kurt Wyngaard

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