ICB Information

ICB information

ICB Information

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) is a QAP of FASSET and QCTO, and in this capacity they accredit providers to offer accredited bookkeeping and accounting courses.

Did you know that Together We Pass is now accredited to offer ICB courses?  In 2016 Together We Pass and TWP Academy were both accredited by the ICB and FASSET to offer their bookkeeping and accounting courses.

That means you can now study a fully accredited bookkeeping or accounting course with TWP Academy, and all you need to get started is grade 10.   TWP Academy is also a home study college, which means just like UNISA you can study while work.

I know that most people coming to Together We Pass are already studying a degree through UNISA, so you may be wondering why I am talking to you about TWP Academy and our ICB qualifications…

ICB InformationWell, I know how difficult it can be to study with UNISA.  And to be honest I could have done with being offered an alternative myself! At UNISA the content is often at such a high level that many students cannot pass the course.  I have had students come to me after having attempted the accounting 101 exam 5 times!  Also, UNISA is very well known for very bad service.  Are you tired of the fact that you always get your books late, your results even later and you cannot even phone the institution for help when things go wrong?

Well TWP Academy offers an awesome alternative!

This page has been compiled to give you all the latest ICB information and news here. Together We Pass wants to ensure that you excel at your ICB course and so we have compiled a selection of the latest and most relevant information for you here. Find information regarding your exams, assessments, learner portal, registration and more. Simply click on the links below to get going.

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