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If you are considering alternatives to UNISA then this ICB information page will be very help.


About the ICB


The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers is a body that works with government to accredit colleges to offer a range of high quality bookkeeping and accounting courses.

Once you are studying with ICB you can also apply to the ICBA which will give you recognition for your studies, and then your qualifications.


TWP Academy ICB courses


Did you know that Together We Pass is now accredited to offer ICB courses?  In 2016 Together We Pass and TWP Academy were both accredited by the ICB and FASSET to offer their bookkeeping and accounting courses.

ICB informationThat means you can now study a fully accredited bookkeeping or accounting course with TWP Academy, and all you need to get started is grade 10.   TWP Academy is a private distance learning college, which means just like UNISA you can study while work.

I know that most people coming to Together We Pass are usually wanting to study a degree through UNISA.  However, the majority of people applying will not get in, and need excellent alternatives  to UNISA.

UNISA has hundreds of thousands of students applying to study at the university every year.  They can only accept a small part of these.

Well TWP Academy offers an awesome alternative!

Our fully accredited ICB programs are designed for distance learning, take a fraction of the time it would take to complete a UNISA degree, and are a fraction of the cost.  Not only that but you get your first qualification in just one year, which means you can start to look for work in your new career and gain valuable work experience as you continue your studies to diploma level.

With us you can study in the following areas:

ICB Information


Want to know more?  We have compiled great information pages on every aspect of your ICB studies which you can read right here on Together We Pass.

Here is a list of pages that will give you great ICB information:


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