NATED: Financial Management Without Matric

  • You can apply for a NATED course with a Matric or Equivalent Certificate
  • This programme is regarded as a scarce skill
  • NATED qualifications are well received by employers and will secure you a decent job

You can register for a NATED financial management qualification with a Matric Certificate or Equivalent.  Financial management is an in-demand occupation in South Africa. Therefore, it will ensure job security.

Here is everything you need to know:

  • What is a NATED course?
  • What is financial management?
  • Study without a Matric Certificate
  • Why should I take a NATED course?
  • Financial management courses

What Is A NATED Course?

Nationally Accredited Technical Educational Diploma (NATED) courses are designed by the  Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

The courses include both theoretical and practical training and prepare you for the workplace. For some NATED courses you would require to have a Matric or Matric Equivalent, don’t let that hold you back. You can study the Adult Matric Course at Matric College. If you wrote your Matric in 2008 or after and you want to improve your results or take on new subjects, a Matric Upgrade gives you the chance to do so. You will receive a National Senior Certificate after completing this course. Study Matric Online and you will be able to further your studies where colleges/universities require Matric. Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior Certificate (Amended)

What Is Financial Management?

Financial managers have the responsibility to control and plan the profits and expenditures of a business. 

As a financial manager, you need to lead the financial team and make sure that everything within the department runs smoothly.


Financial managers are in charge of the following duties:

  • Keep track of the cash flow
  • Stay updated on market trends
  • Train staff members
  • Create financial plans and reports
financial management

Study Without A Matric Certificate

To apply for this course, you either need a Matric Certificate or an Equivalent Certificate. This way, you can still study this programme if you have not completed a traditional Matric.

You can apply for this programme when you have completed one of the following courses:

Why Should I Study A NATED Course?

This programme has many benefits. These include:

Accredited And Recognised Qualifications

All NATED courses are accredited by The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) and are well received by employers.

Gain Scarce Skills

Gain a skill that is scarce and in-demand. A candidate with a scarce skill has a good chance of getting a job. Employers are on the lookout for employees with these skills, you will earn a respectable salary.

You Could Start Your Own Business

During this programme you will learn how to run a business. Therefore, you will gain the skills and knowledge to start your own business.

Courses That Are Offered

Matric College offers the following courses:

Last Updated: 5 January 2022

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