UNISA Assignments

Everyone struggles with Unisa assignments, and yet we all know just how important they are.  UNISA assignments take you through the entire coursework and emphasize the key learning outcomes that you need to understand for your UNISA exams.

UNISA assignments are GREAT for:

  • Checking how well you understand your course
  • Revision – going back to see what you did not understand the first time around
  • Practice questions – redo the assignment before exams to see if you improve
  • A guide to knowing what you need to understand to pass your UNISA exams

How to submit the different UNISA assignments on MyUNISA

Ways to Submit your UNISA assignments

Contact [email protected] in connection with assignment enquiries only. Indicate your student number in the subject heading.

More resources to help you with your UNISA assignments


At Together We Pass we have been assisting students with their assignments for years.  No, that does not mean that we supply anyone with the answers.  We get students comparing and discussing their assignments so that they can get MAXIMUM benefits and maximum learning from the experience.


We have developed a unique piece of software that allows you to compare your UNISA assignments CHEAT FREE- no one can copy your answers ever again!

Why compare UNISA assignment answers?

  • Check if you agree with your classmates
  • Discuss specific questions where you disagree, or don’t understand
  • Improve your UNISA assignment marks through collaboration
  • Improve your understanding of the coursework
  • Improve your final UNISA exam mark!

Student Tip

When submitting online, I always print the assignment and also print the page that gives me the ref number so that I file them together in case it’s never received. I had a case of my assignment not reaching the Markers because of system errors last semester.


Mzimkhulu Pava Mnyakama


Here is a sneak preview of what the software looks like inside – make sure you join us this term to benefit from this amazing tool! (Find out more about our assignment comparison tool)


Student Tip

Make sure you keep a hard copy and that you submit the right subject under the right assignment code especially if you doing more than one subject of the same code expires. Example like me doing 3 IOP modules. Also what I do is if I’m submitting online at the top of my assignment in tutorial 101 I write the date and ref number they give us.


Cathren Anna Piovesan


Remember that you don’t have to go through your studies alone.  At Together We Pass we help have a buzzing student community that helps each other every step of the way.