What Is Public Sector Accounting?

  • Public sector accounting is a course we do not hear about too often. The career of a public sector accountant is just as important as that of a financial accountant
  • This scarce qualification can help you build a career in governmental financial management
  • Public sector accounting is very similar to financial accounting, they both deal with finances

A public sector accountant is someone that deals with the finances and trade of governmental institutions. Below you will find all you need to know about this career.


Public sector accountants can be expected to deal with financial management, manage public accounts, compile financial statements and distribute financial resources. 



  • Ensure that all the legal records of finances are kept
  • Verify all accounts
  • Advise people and companies to avoid fraud and corruption

Skills Needed To Be A Public Sector Accountant

There are a few skills that you will need to be a public sector accountant:


  • Interested in finance and numbers
  • Must be able to work under pressure
  • Know how to work with people and groups
  • You should be trusted by people
  • You need to do your work on time
financial accounting and public sector accounting

Scarce Skills

Scarce skills are qualifications that are in high demand. Many people do not have these skills and most businesses need them.


This course is one of these scarce skills. You are more likely to find employment and get a good salary with this scarce skill. 


Above all, this type of qualification can open up many doors for you.

Career Options With This Qualification

Here are a few careers that you can choose from:


  • Financial accountant
  • Public accounts administrator
  • Technical public accountant
  • Public sector financial accountant
  • Registered SAIBA accounting officer

Studying Public Sector Accounting Without Matric

You do not need Matric to study public sector accounting. The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers offers this programme. You can apply with a grade 11 certificate.

Who Is The ICB?

ICB is an institution that offers accredited courses. They range from business to financial management. Their courses are recognised nationally and internationally.


Employers employ people with an ICB qualification because of the high standards they adhere to. In addition to their high standards, they also provide Matric Equivalent Certificates.


These certificates are equivalent to traditional matric certificates, however, they have the added benefits of technical skills. This means that you can start to build on your career immediately.

Public Sector Accounting Versus Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is all about numbers. They do the taxes and work with a company’s finances.


Whereas, public sector accounting focuses on government institutions. They look at their spending and their trade.  


Therefore, public sector accounting and financial accounting are similar in that they both deal with finances and taxes.


Where Can I Study Financial Accounting?

Many institutions offer financial accounting. Here is a list of some of the institutions that offer this course:


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