Why Do I Need A Matric Certificate?

  • In South Africa, you often need to have a Matric Certificate to gain access to university and to find a job
  • The unemployment rate has increased to 29.1%, this is the highest it has been in over 16 years.  Therefore a Matric Certificate is vital
  • There are different pass rates and each pass rate determines where and what you can study after Matric
  • If you are unhappy with your results you can get your papers rechecked, remarked, viewed, or get a Matric Rewrite or Matric Upgrade at Matric College
  • Matric College also offers courses that do not require Matric Certificates

You need a Matric Certificate for three reasons:

  1. To gain access to universities.
  2. Job opportunities.
  3. Boosts confidence. 

Read below on how your Matric Certificate can open up doors for you.

The Importance Of Matric

Your Matric Certificate is your future. It gives you access to further studies and future employers can see what you are capable of.

The higher your pass rate, the better your chances are of going to university and finding a job. 

Certain careers require certain skills. For example, if you want to become a loan consultant, your mathematics marks must be good. 

In South Africa, to study further or to get the most basic jobs, you need a Matric Certificate.

Here are 5 ways that Adult Matric can change your life:

  1. Further your education.
  2. Get employed.
  3. Earn a respectable salary.
  4. Work and study at the same time.
  5. Gain self-confidence.

With this life-changing experience you can achieve your dream career. Study  Online Matric and further your studies. Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior Certificate (Amended)

Different Levels Of Matric Certificates

There are different levels of passing Matric. These levels determine what you can study after Matric.

Bachelor’s Degree Pass

This level allows you to study at the university of your choice. Always keep in mind that each university has its specific requirements. 

Diploma Pass

With a diploma pass, you can study at an institution of higher education. With this certificate, you can fail one subject. 

Higher Certificate Pass

You can study towards a higher certificate, with this pass. This is also the minimum requirement for a pass. You can also fail one subject to gain this pass. 

 matric certificate

Unhappy About Your Results

It is not the end of your educational journey if you have failed Matric. Here are your options:

  • Register for a Matric Upgrade at Matric College. This allows you to rewrite the subjects you were not happy with
  • Apply to another school and repeat your Matric year
  • Get a re-mark. Your papers will be marked again
  • Get a re-check. Your papers will get checked to see if they were added correctly
  • View your results. This is only allowed after the re-mark and re-check. You get to look at your exam paper
  • Study without Matric. The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers offers courses you can do without Matric and you can also do Short Courses without Matric.

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Last Updated: 5 January 2022

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