FeesMustFall – will they shut down UNISA?

#FeesMustFall FeesMustFall students protesting
#FeesMustFall FeesMustFall students protesting

FeesMustFall has swept the country as a movement over the past 2 years.  We have seen a lot universities shutting down over the past few weeks after FeesMustFall demonstrations on campus once again got under way.  Many more are threatening to close down completely for the rest of the year.

But what about FeesMustFall UNISA?

The UNISA SRC has rejected the recommended the fees increase by the Minster of Higher Education and Training, Minister Blade Nzimande.  And are promising to cause chaos if the increases go ahead.

Read my News24 article on the issue here.

The big question is what next? It is becoming clear that it is not really a fee increase that is the problem – students insist they want free education.  So there is probably trouble on the horizon.

My advice to you is to keep studying. Don’t let this discourse distract you from the very real improvement that a university degree can bring to your life.  Even if you are actively involved and believe in this ideal don’t let this derail you from your personal development and career.

Exams are here.  The first students are writing.  Be sure you are ready for yours!

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