Can A National Senior Certificate Be Combined With An Amended Senior Certificate?

Yes, you can combine your National Senior Certificate with an Amended Senior Certificate

Can You Combine Two Matric Certificates?

Yes, you can. Combining your results is something you will need to apply for after doing a Matric Upgrade. This is because the Department of Education will not automatically combine the results for you. Results are only automatically combined if you do a Matric Rewrite, known as the supplementary exams

How Do I Combine Matric Certificates?

You can have your Matric Certificates combined by applying to the Department of Basic Education for a Replacement Certificate: Change of Status

How Much Does It Cost To Combine A Matric Certificate?

It will cost R153 to combine your results, and your new certificate will take four to six weeks to arrive. If you need a Statement of Results in the meantime, this will cost another R55. This will be sent to you immediately.


Note that these fees are valid from 01 April 2022 until 31 March 2023, after which these fees are subject to change. 

What Do You Need To Combine Your Matric Certificate?

The documents needed to apply for your combined results are as follows: 


  • Your ID
  • A certified copy of your ID
  • Statement of Results from all exam sittings (including failed exams)
  • Your barcoded Matric Certificates 
  • Proof of payment


You can fill in the application form, and submit this form online along with your uploaded documents. If you are not sure if your Matric Certificate is valid, you can verify your Matric Certificates on the Umalusi verification page. For more information, you can email Umalusi at [email protected].  

Can I Go To University With An Amended Senior Certificate?

Yes, you can use this certificate to apply to study at universities. There are two Matric Certificates: 

These certificates are both NQF level 4, and they function the same way, meaning you can use them to apply for further studies or for jobs. Whether you are eligible to apply will depend on how well you passed.

What Is The Difference Between Amended Senior Certificate And National Senior Certificate?

National Senior Certificate

Amended Senior Certificate

Also known as school Matric

Also known as Senior Certificate (Amended) or Adult Matric

Exams written before you are 21

Exams written after you are 21

Write school Matric exams

Write Adult Matric exams

Must write seven subjects

Must write six subjects

Must pass six of these seven subjects to pass Matric

Must pass five of these six subjects to pass Matric

What Is The Importance Of A National Senior Certificate?

Getting your Matric can open up many opportunities for you to further your studies. If you do not have your Matric, there are options available for you to get your Matric


  • Matric Rewrite – if you failed Matric, are under the age of 21, and would like to improve your marks from a fail to a pass
  • Matric Upgrade – if you failed Matric or you are not happy with your marks and you are over the age of 21, you can improve your marks from a fail to a pass
  • Adult Matric – if you are over the age of 21 and did not get to complete high school and write your Matric exams


You can study for your Matric online through distance learning. There are many resources available to help you pass your rewrite or upgrade, such as past papers. To find out more about Adult Matric, see the principal of Matric College talk about Adult Matric on YouTube


Once you have your Matric, you can further your studies at a university such as UNISA. Alternatively, there are options available for you to further your studies without Matric

What Have We Learned?

  • You can combine your Matric Certificates
  • The fee is currently R153 to combine your results, and R55 for a Statement of Results until your new certificate arrives
  • It will take four to six weeks for your combined results to arrive
  • You can use your combined results to apply to universities
  • It is important to have your Matric to get the best opportunities available 

Author: Chloe Bydawell
Editor: Razeen Dollie
Date: 27 June 2022

23 thoughts on “Can A National Senior Certificate Be Combined With An Amended Senior Certificate?”

    1. That would be correct, yes but not as in adding marks that you got from 2007 to the marks you get today. Once you do your Amended Senior Certificate, the subjects that you were writing will become your new marks.

      1. Will my stardand grade and lower grade appear on my matric certificate if I combined my subjects.. 27 was 33,3-39 % fall under which level today?

        1. You would have a combined certificate, with the newer marks that you rewrote replacing your older marks. You would get a new certificate after you complete your matric upgrades in which yes – your original certificate will not be valid anymore

          1. I went to the dipartment of Education and I tried combining Amended Matric with National Senior Certificate and they said it’s impossible to combine the two different certificates

    1. I was doing level 4 2017, I get supplementary maths literacy and English, I write 2019 I pass maths literacy 35 and I write English 2020 I pass 48, but I don’t receive my certicate

  1. Good Day

    There are four pass levels for a National Senior Certificate: However, a lot of students are not aware of the criteria of these NSC pass levels and incorrectly think that if they get 30% across all their subjects, they will pass their matric. This is not the case. If a student does not meet the minimum pass requirements on the subjects written, they can be disappointed when they get their results.

    Here are the different pass levels you can achieve after you have completed your matric:
    Bachelor’s Degree Pass
    Diploma Pass
    Higher Certificate Pass
    National Senior Certificate Pass
    Bachelor’s Degree Pass Level
    A minimum of 40% in your home language
    A minimum of 50% in four subjects
    A minimum of 30% in 2 other subjects
    Diploma Pass Level
    A minimum of 40% in your home language
    A minimum of 40% in four subjects
    A minimum of 30% in 2 other subjects
    Higher Certificate Pass Level
    A minimum of 40% in your home language
    A minimum of 40% in two subjects
    A minimum of 30% in 3 other subjects
    National Senior Certificate Pass Level
    A minimum of 40% in your home language
    A minimum of 40% in two other subjects
    A minimum of 20% in other subjects

    Note: Keep in mind that each tertiary institution has its requirements. If you want to study at university, you will have to research the university and course you want to study.

    You might gain entry into a university BUT this does not mean that you meet the requirements for a particular course.
    To find out more about how to option a National Senior Certificate, click and read here:

  2. i wrote my matric exam 2009 and it was incomplete, I wrote it again 2010 I got the same results. I failed 2 subjects. can I combine the 2 statement to get the National certificate?

  3. Khumbulani Peter

    I have incomplete matric which i haved wrote around 2008 then i wrote supplementary which i hve failed so i went college to study ncv level .. i want to know if its allow to take one subject from ncv level 4 n combined it with matric dat i wrote around 2008

  4. Hi
    I wrote my matric in 1999 and pass 3 subject and fail 3 subject and in 2016 wrote 2 subject and pass it in low grade
    Afrikaans second language HG E
    English first language SG F
    History LG F
    South africa Criminal law LG F
    Geography LG F

    So do I qualify for a amended certificate

  5. Hi
    I wrote my matric in 2015,2016 and 2019 I failed in all the three years. So what I wanna ask it’s that can it be possible to combine my subjects in those statements.

  6. Hi
    I did Office Administration at Tvet college. then failed Maths in 2017. So I did my Maths at school ABET, So I want to know if I can combine my Level 4 Certificate?

  7. Chardene Jansen

    Hi. I wrote my NSC in 2009 and passed Afrikaans, English, Business studies and Life orientation. This year I did the SC, I wrote and passed Mathematics Literacy and History. Can I combine these two reports and do I qualify for a SC or NCS?

      1. on my L4 Certificate I Added English and Mathematical Literally from NSC statement results I then completed my NCV L4 in 2020 but when I apply for N4 to further my studies, on the system it says Not promoted failed Level I don’t understand how can the system tell a different thing because I was awarded the certificate And that will make my Admission not to be considered to further my studies please help

  8. Here I have pass N3 Mathematics which Is not in my grade12 statement. Can I combine this mathematics with grade12 subjects to make matric certificate?because I was fail mathethatics and physics now I have this Mathematics.

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