UNISA Advanced Certificates and Diplomas 2024

Aspiring learners seeking to elevate their knowledge and skills in specialized fields will find a diverse range of advanced certificates and advanced diplomas designed to meet the demands of an ever-evolving job market.

Advanced Certificates

Advanced certificates are short, focused programmes that provide specialised knowledge and skills in a particular field of study. UNISA’s advanced certificates are an excellent choice for those looking to upskill, pivot their careers, or deepen their understanding of a particular subject.


The Advanced Certificates that UNISA does offer include:


What Are The Requirements For Advanced Certificates?

To enrol in UNISA’s advanced certificate programmes, you typically need to meet the following general requirements:


  • Depending on the advanced certificate, you will have to meet certain requirements.
    • A higher certificate in the relevant field.
    • Any NQF level 6 Diploma in the relevant field
    • Any NQF level 7 Degree that meets the requirement for the advanced programme


  • For the advanced certificate in education, you can apply with a Postgraduate Certificate in Education.
    • A three-year Diploma in Education at NQF level 6
    • A Teacher’s Diploma 
    • Or a National Professional Diploma in Education NQF level 5.

What Are the NQF Level, APS Scores and Credits for Advanced Certificate?

Advanced certificates can take up to 3 years to complete and have a National Qualifications Framework (NQF) level 6. These certificates have 120 total credits and an APS Score of 50.

Advanced Diplomas

Advanced diplomas offered by UNISA are more in-depth and comprehensive than advanced certificates.


They are designed for individuals who want to gain a deep understanding of a particular subject or field and are often used as a pathway to further academic or professional development.


These programmes provide a higher level of specialisation and expertise:

UNISA Application Dates for Advanced Diplomas and Certificates

The application dates for the 2024 academic year at UNISA for the advanced diplomas and certificates is from 1 September 2023 to 13 October 2023.


However, the closing date for all undergraduate qualifications has since been extended to 17 November 2023. Furthermore, applications for undergraduate qualifications from UNISA’s College of Accounting Sciences and College of Science, Engineering and Technology will be open up until 31 January 2024, providing prospective and recurring students ample time to apply for their chosen qualification.

What Are the Requirements For Advanced Diplomas?

The entry requirements for Advanced Diplomas vary according to the qualification you choose. Here is a general overview of what to expect:


  • You will need to have a Diploma in the relevant field or its equivalent with modules on NQF level 6. 
  • An appropriate Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field or an equivalent with modules on an NQF level 6.
  • Any Bachelor’s degree and completed an advanced certificate in the relevant field of study.
  • You may need to pass your prior qualifications with a certain percentage to be eligible for the Advanced Programmes. For example, the Advanced Diploma in Animal Health allows for individuals who have obtained a diploma 5 years ago to submit a motivation, their CV and evidence of at least 3 years of relevant industry experience. This is only required if you do not meet the required passing percentile.

What are the NQF Level, APS Scores and Credits for Advanced Diplomas?

UNISA’s advanced diplomas can take up to 3 years to complete, with an NQF level of 7. These diplomas can vary with their total credits, even though most are 120 total credits.


Advanced Diplomas generally have an APS Score of 50, but this can also vary depending on the qualification you choose. Others like the Advanced Diploma in Chemical Engineering, have 144 total credits and an APS Score of 60.

Benefits Of UNISA's Advanced Programmes

Choosing UNISA for your advanced studies comes with several notable benefits. Advanced certificates and diplomas provide in-depth, specialised knowledge and skills in a particular field or industry.


This can allow you to be competent and sought after in your chosen area of expertise. These qualifications can enhance career prospects and open up opportunities for promotions and higher-paying positions. 


Advanced programmes are typically designed in consultation with industry experts, ensuring that the curriculum is up-to-date and aligned with industry needs, making graduates more employable.


Completing an advanced diploma may provide a pathway to further education, and an increase in job-specific skills, which can be immediately applied in the workplace, enhancing employability.


As you consider your educational and career goals for 2024, UNISA’s advanced programmes stand out as a valuable option.


Whether you are interested in gaining specialised skills through an advanced certificate or delving deeper into a subject with an advanced diploma, UNISA offers a range of choices to suit your needs. Take the next step in your educational journey and explore the advanced programmes UNISA has to offer in 2024. 

Author: Lynnzelle Adams

Editor: Dylan Florence


Published Date: 28 September 2023

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