How Long Does It Take To Combine Matric Certificate?

How Long Does It Take To Combine Matric Certificates?

The process of combining Matric results can take from four to six weeks from the day you submit your application to the Department of Education to when your Matric Certificate will be ready for you to fetch it.

This depends on all the documents being submitted correctly with your application. You will apply for a Replacement Certificate: Change of Status.

How Do I Combine My Results?

There are two ways you can apply to combine your results:


  • At your nearest offices
  • Through the Postal Service

At Your Nearest Offices 

You can apply at your nearest Department of Basic Education (DBE) office or your Provincial Education Department (PED) office. You can pay the fee via postal order, or by cheque at the offices. However, most banks are discontinuing cheques, so it is recommended to pay via postal order. 


Through The Postal Services

Alternatively, you can choose to download the form, fill it in, and then post it with the attached documents, including the postal order, to: 


Private Bag X895, Pretoria, 0001


In both cases, you will need to submit the following documents with your application: 


  • Your results from all examination sittings (including failed exams)
  • Your original Identity Document (ID) and a certified copy of your ID
  • Your proof of payment

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See the principal of Matric College explain the combining/consolidation of Matric Certificates on YouTube.

How Much Does It Cost To Combine Your Matric Results?

The cost to combine your results is R164. While you are waiting for your new certificate to arrive, you can purchase a Statement of Results with your combined results. This will cost R57, and will be available to you immediately. 


Note that these fees are only valid from 01 April 2023 until 31 March 2024. 

How Long Does It Take To Verify Your Matric Certificate?

Verification can take from two to twenty working days. This will depend on the level of priority you select when you apply for verification, and how easily your documents are available on the database. 

Also note that you cannot get verification from Umalusi directly. You can only get your Matric Certificate verified through one of the agencies approved by Umalusi.

How Do I Know If My Matric Certificate Is Ready For Collection?

It is advised that you check whether your new certificate has arrived before going out to fetch it. There are three ways you can do this: 


  • Call the National Office on 012 357 4511 OR 012 357 4513
  • Call your Provincial Office. You can find the contact details for each provincial office on the DBE website
  • Send an email to [email protected]

Can I Combine My Matric Results Even If I Failed?

No, you cannot combine your results if you failed the exam the second time. You will only be allowed to combine your results if they improved from a fail to a pass, or if you had already passed and your grades improved.

What Have We Learned?

  • It takes four to six weeks to combine your Matric results
  • It currently costs R164 to combine your Matric results
  • You can get a Statement of Results for R57 while you wait for your certificate
  • It takes two to twenty working days to verify a Matric Certificate
  • You can contact the Department to check whether your new certificate has arrived
  • You cannot combine your results if you failed the exams the second time

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Author: Chloe Bydawell
Editor: Sive Ncanywa

Last Updated: 14 August 2023

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