Unisa Matric Upgrade

If you are reading this you probably want a better matric so that you can gain entry to UNISA. A UNISA Matric Upgrade is not a straightforward thing, but you do have options.

There are many paths to studying at college or at a university and this article will explore a few.

Can I Do My Matric at Unisa?

The quick answer is no – you can’t do your matric at UNISA. There are a number of ways which you can find yourself studying at UNISA, Like:

  • You can either upgrade your matric;
  • If you wrote your Senior Certificate prior to 2008; or
  • You can go back to study the year again to gain better marks i.e doing your Adult Matric.

You also need to check what subjects your chosen qualification requires to see if you are studying the right subjects. However, having a good matric is not the only way to get into UNISA.

Choosing a Lower Qualification

You can also choose to study a lower qualification than a Bachelors, such as a Higher Certificate or diploma programme. Completing either of the different kinds of programmes can help you apply for a Bachelor’s degree later on.

Additionally, by doing a diploma programme, you will be able to apply for an advanced diploma (formerly known as BTech qualifications).

This is a very well established way of doing things if you do not have a Matric. You just need to check your chosen qualification very carefully for entry requirements so you can plot your way.

Choosing Another Institution

UNISA Matric Upgrade – it’s not really a thing BUT there are many other courses that you can do and study without matric. Many of these will give you entry to UNISA later on once you get to a higher level.

NOTE: Remember to check with UNISA before starting a qualification at a different institution whether or not the course will give you entrance to UNISA. Each qualification at UNISA will have different entrance criteria, and you have to be very careful that you are on the right path if you are seeking to eventually end up at UNISA.

Places you can explore are:

What Can I Study Without Matric?

There are many courses you can study without matric. Many people worry that they will never get a proper career as they never managed to complete matric, or they have a weak senior certificate.

Now’s not the time to give up hope!

Courses that we do recommend (and if you are interested in that study field) are ICB and CIMA qualifications – for those who do not have a Matric but still want to pursue a career in Business, Finance, or Office Administration.

Learn more in detail about the courses offered from the ICB here.

Last Updated: 06 September 2022

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    1. It is possible to apply for a Matric Upgrade. Once you receive your Matric results, you will know which subjects to upgrade or not.

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