Unisa application status

How do you check your UNISA application status? At Together We Pass we are here to help you every step of the way.

Here is the quick steps for how to check your UNISA application status.  Read further down the page if you want more detailed instructions:

  1. Check your contact details were correctly submitted to UNISA (or they can’t contact you)
  2. Go to your UNISA Admin page to check and update your contact details
  3. Next use the “Track My Application” form
  4. Use the username (student number) and password you received when you applied
  5. E-mail to myunisahelp@unisa.ac.za if you have any problems accessing the site



We know that want-to-be UNISA students are wait anxiously every application period to know whether or not they will be accepted to UNISA to study.  This can be a very difficult time, as student’s want to study so passionately.

With UNISA announcing free education in 2018 there is also a huge number of students applying, and many of the qualifications are not being opened up for applications as the qualifications are already full.  So there are more and more students, wanting few and few spots at UNISA.

Be patient, make sure that you give every piece of UNISA asks for, in exactly the format that want it.  Then you can be sure that it is not a small mistake stopping you from following your dreams of a university degree.


UNISA Application Status instructions


This section will give you more detailed instructions on how to check your UNISA application status.

First, check that your application information was given to UNISA correctly. If you haven’t yet heard anything from Unisa regarding your application for admission, your contact information may have been incorrectly captured. Please go to this page: Unisa Admin to verify and/or change your contact information.

If you are sure that your information is correct you can track your application here: Track My Application

You will see a screen that looks like this:

Unisa application status


Use the username (student number) and the password you received via e-mail when you applied to access this web address.  It will then take you through to a page that will let you track the status of your application.

Please send an e-mail to myunisahelp@unisa.ac.za if you have any problems accessing this site.

We wish you all the best with your UNISA application.  Please remember it takes real patience to study with UNISA, so you need to be ready right from the start.



Last updated: April 15, 2018

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