Should I Study Human Resource Management?

Whether or not you should study something is entirely up to you. In order to make that decision, you need to know your options. Here is everything you need to know about Human Resource Management.

What Is Human Resource Management?

Human resource management is the channel through which the management team can communicate with the company employees and vice versa.

What Is Human Resource Management For?

Human resource management exists to manage all things related to both the company and its employees, such as hiring, retrenchment, payroll agreements, and other contract agreements such as benefits, leave days and working hours. 


It is also part of overseeing company development, following health and safety protocols, performance management, and maintaining high employee morale.

Why Is Human Resource Management Important?

Human resource management is important for many reasons. 


Health and safety is an important aspect of any business. Ensuring that employees have a safe environment to work in is beneficial for both the employer and the employee. HR is part of making sure that all health and safety measures are being met at all times, so no employee is at risk for any reason. 


Performance management is important for making sure the company is running as smoothly as possible at all times. HR is responsible for making sure all processes are streamlined to work the best and fastest way possible. 


Contracts are in place to make sure that all employees are treated fairly. The contract states all terms of a person’s employment, such as their salary/wages, what benefits they receive, like pension fund and vacation days. 


HR is also responsible for interviewing and hiring, as well as retrenchment of employees. This is one of the less pleasant aspects of this job. However, every company will need new employees and no business is without its ups and downs.

Can I Study Human Resource Management Without Matric?

Yes, you can study Human Resource Management without Matric. There are many reputable distance learning colleges that offer provider courses in HR Management that are open access. Meaning anyone over the age of 16 can apply, as long as they can read and write in English. Here are the two colleges we recommend: 


These two colleges offer three levels of HR Management courses: 


  • Short Course in Human Resource Management
  • Certificate Course in Human Resource Management 
  • Comprehensive Certificate in Human Resource Management 

All three courses at both colleges are open access. 


If you have your Matric, you can also choose to study an accredited NATED course in Human Resource Management. These courses go all the way up to NQF level 6, which is a Diploma level, just one level below a degree. 


There are also many reputable distance learning colleges that offer accredited NATED HR Management courses which require Matric. In the past, you could apply to some NATED courses with a Matric Equivalent. However, this is no longer the case. You must have Matric to study a NATED course. NATED courses are offered by colleges such as: 


NATED courses have three levels, which are: 


Is Human Resource Management A Good Career?

Yes, you will learn transferable skills with HR Management, and there are many job opportunities available with a Human Resource Management qualification. Every business needs an HR Manager, meaning it is also a stable career field


Human Resources is also still growing as a field of employment, with new roles being created within the field, which in turn creates more demand for employees with Human Resources qualifications. Some career options include:

Human Resources Assistant 

An HR Assistant is responsible for the administrative paperwork in terms of new hires, terminations or retrenchment, benefits, and more. They are responsible for:


  • Assisting with streamlining HR processes that are run by an HR Manager
  • Communication with employees
  • Representation of their company in all staff matters

Payscale: R61 000 – R269 000 per year.

Human Resources Manager 

An HR Manager is responsible for overseeing HR Officers and Assistants and ensuring all workplace programmes comply with all relevant laws. They are also responsible for overseeing things such as company insurance, employee benefits and initiatives. 


Payscale: R155 000 – R793 000 per year. 

Employee Relations Manager 

An Employee Relations Manager is responsible for:


  • Facilitating and maintaining positive employee relations
  • Analysing employee relations trends
  • Implementing ways to improve those relations when trends are poor
  • Coming up with ways to motivate employees to help achieve company goals
  • Handling and resolving any workplace conflict in a timely and positive way

Payscale: R101 000 – R824 000 per year.

What Are The Daily Tasks In HR?

The daily tasks of those involved in Human Resource Management include, but are not limited to: 


  • Recruitment 
  • Interviewing potential employees 
  • Hiring 
  • Disciplinary actions, such as filing warnings 
  • Conducting benefits analysis 
  • Process Payroll 
  • Update policies 
  • Maintain employee records 
  • Performance evaluation
  • Staff development and training

Is HR Difficult To Study?

This depends on you. Some subjects can be challenging, such as learning to understand legal terms for company policies. However, with a good study schedule and good time management, it should not be very difficult.

Can You Do HR From Home?

Yes, you can. Many Human Resource Managers have found they work more efficiently from home. Especially with COVID-19, many have chosen to work from home, with the result of most people adapting well enough to work more efficiently from home than in the office.


Working from home has both its advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages are:


  • Safer – less chance of coming into contact with anyone covid-positive
  • Comfortable working environment – usually home furniture is far more comfortable than an office chair
  • Reduced stress – wearing a mask causes stress to many people, especially anyone suffering from any form of claustrophobia

However, some of the disadvantages are:


  • Homes are usually not equipped with generators to account for load shedding
  • Self-discipline is key – you have to be able to keep yourself from getting distracted
  • You must have a stable internet connection at all times to ensure any meetings run smoothly

What Have We Learned?

Human Resource Management teaches many skills that can be used in any career. The Human Resource Management field is growing constantly, making it a relatively stable career field. 


Human Resource Managers have many responsibilities. There are many job opportunities with a Human Resource Management course. Human Resources should not be difficult to study. You work as a Human Resource manager from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Author: Chloe Bydawell
Editor: Amy Venter
Date Published: May 20, 2022

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